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Luvi's Profile~
Name: Lucas.
Age: 17~.
Nationality: Argentine to the core, demmit. I might sound British, but I am not.
Nickname/s: Everyone pretty much calls me Luvi.
Gender: As much as it might cost to accept, Ichi, myself is a man, a very male man.
Music: Er. Music is complicated. I like many artists and many styles, I just don't like one in particular. Some of them are embarassing, some others not so much.
I ♥: Edo, Frat, Key, Mina, Miko, DFly, Kadaj, Yoshi, Lat, RzR, Link, my sonny Hidden, my daughter Blur and my wives Ayu, who's mother to my kids, Ichi and Eureka. Oh, ze lurvez.
Hobbies: I am a frustrated PhotoShop artist (lmao), I kind of play the guitar, lamely though. I can sing fairly well, nothing outstanding, and I sing er, every day~.
I Like: Winter. Very much. I like to sing and I like music very, very much; music is a part of my life.I also like to cook, it's funny. I can bake pretty well, wtf. I like pasta. I like anime, duh. I like games, RPG, hack-and-slash and action-arcade ones. The bloody ones are really good.
I Hate: Er. Liars, very much. Crazed fandomship, omfg /puke. Square people. Why can't they understand there are people that think and feel differently? Jeezuz. Being on the phone with whoever, is something I don't like to do.
A Note To Everyone: Even when I said I like to sing, I am quite shy, so if i ever co-host radio again, DO NOT insist if I say I won't sing.

Eureka. says:
Its an explosion of love, and no, I didn't just cum plz&thx babe.

We love you too, Rechii~.

A fresh Beginning
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