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About Me: Heyaaa it's June 26, 2022 rn and omggg I am currently having nostalgic feels in this site waaaa~
I literally LOLed at wth I was saying here but yeah part of them are still true LOL! P.S. Pink's no longer my fave colour so excuse my teenage years XD
so if you wanna catch up, find me on Discord (Kagamineko#2922) or Reddit (u/lenkagami). Make sure to introduce yourself! XD

UPDATED [Nov2011]
Konnichiwa! Douzo Yoroshiku ^_^

Simple, shy-type yet friendly, a girl who dreams to travel around the world…

Yup, that’s me~!
1399831ile6kiued0.gif I’m Lynette, daughter of my Capampangan mom && Batangueño dad.
1399831ile6kiued0.gifI have a twin sister but many people say that we don’t look the same that’s because we’re fraternal twins.
1399831ile6kiued0.gif I miss Dad sooo much.
1399831ile6kiued0.gifI love to sing && dance • I love music.
1399831ile6kiued0.gif I love fashion (wish I have the budget to buy all the clothes I like)
1399831ile6kiued0.gif I dream to be a model but I don’t have enough confidence to do it.
1399831ile6kiued0.gif I’d like to meet my favorite celebrities in person && have my photo with them!! (I wish)
1399831ile6kiued0.gif When I’m in a certain place like tourists spots, I don’t forget to take some photos for souvenirs. I like strolling in the mall && adventure trailing (if I can).
1399831ile6kiued0.gifI easily get sympathized to the elders.
1399831ile6kiued0.gif If only I’m wealthy, I won’t mind helping the poor && needy • build a home for them.
1399831ile6kiued0.gifI don't smoke and never will be.
1399831ile6kiued0.gif I’m both conservative && kinda liberated.

Faves && dislikes
⇝ I love to eat especially our very own, Filipino cuisines and many more sweets :)
⇝ I like cats especially the kittens
⇝ I like it most when it’s Christmas, New Year && Birthdays. Happiness! =)
⇝ Some veggies are no-no for me especially Ampalaya (bittermelon? Is the English term right?)
⇝ I fear insects, waah!! But I think they’re nice especially butterflies && dragonflies (is it really?). I also fear creepy things except horror movies (haha).

[Incomplete details. some are only limited to the people I’m close with && for those whom I personally know.]


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