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Konnichiwa! Douzo Yoroshiku ^_^

Simple, shy-type yet friendly, a girl who dreams to travel around the world…

Yup, that’s me~!
1399831ile6kiued0.gif I’m Lynette, daughter of my Capampangan mom && Batangueño dad.
1399831ile6kiued0.gifI have a twin sister but many people say that we don’t look the same that’s because we’re fraternal twins.
1399831ile6kiued0.gif I miss Dad sooo much.
1399831ile6kiued0.gifI love to sing && dance • I love music.
1399831ile6kiued0.gif I love fashion (wish I have the budget to buy all the clothes I like)
1399831ile6kiued0.gif I dream to be a model but I don’t have enough confidence to do it.
1399831ile6kiued0.gif I’d like to meet my favorite celebrities in person && have my photo with them!! (I wish)
1399831ile6kiued0.gif When I’m in a certain place like tourists spots, I don’t forget to take some photos for souvenirs. I like strolling in the mall && adventure trailing (if I can).
1399831ile6kiued0.gifI easily get sympathized to the elders.
1399831ile6kiued0.gif If only I’m wealthy, I won’t mind helping the poor && needy • build a home for them.
1399831ile6kiued0.gifI don't smoke and never will be.
1399831ile6kiued0.gif I’m both conservative && kinda liberated.

Faves && dislikes
⇝ I love to eat especially our very own, Filipino cuisines and many more sweets :)
⇝ I like cats especially the kittens
⇝ I like it most when it’s Christmas, New Year && Birthdays. Happiness! =)
⇝ Some veggies are no-no for me especially Ampalaya (bittermelon? Is the English term right?)
⇝ I fear insects, waah!! But I think they’re nice especially butterflies && dragonflies (is it really?). I also fear creepy things except horror movies (haha).

[Incomplete details. some are only limited to the people I’m close with && for those whom I personally know.]


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