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About Me: Everyone calls me LinLin also known as by my Japanese name Yuria!˚˚˚14 years of age˚˚˚An Eurasian but I look different!˚˚˚50%Japanese/Hawaiian˚˚˚50%Portuguese/French˚˚˚Residence in Australia˚˚˚Loves video games˚˚˚Loves everyone in Gendou,Awesome people!˚˚˚Loves to Chat˚˚˚Good at Singing˚˚˚Never Lies, Alwayz truthful˚˚˚Friends are special˚˚˚Anime, Manga & Music Fan˚˚˚

I am back everyone!!!!!!!
Aya is online and so am i!
╚═╩═╩═╩═★. ╚╝╚═╩═★

ËšBelieve itËšEnjoy itËšSmile for meËšThank youËšFeel itËšRespect itËšItrust youËšExcuse meËšNeed itËšDevelop itËšSuch a memory....BestËšFriends

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