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About Me:

Bedouin Soundclash - Santa Monica

Hi! My name is Katt.

I am nearly 21 (-_- oldddd).

I like anime, manga and anime music

(as if you would not have guessed :P).

I also like dancing, singing, cooking,

painting, looking at art, rowing,

baseball, basketball, volleyball,

swimming, watching movies, philosophy,

fashion, cosplay, costumes, acting,

the 50's (yes the whole era...),

math, debating, learning languages,


especially 50's right now though.

New York, Japan, Texas,

chatting on MSN and

making friends here on gendou!! ^.^

I like puppies, kittens, and bunnies!

I want to learn a lot in my lifetime.

I also want to travel the world

and experience other cultures.

I really like trying new things

and new foods!

I have MSN, AIM, Yahoo & Skype

just PM me, or leave a shout!


Press the little triangular button, you know you waaaanna!

Favorite Anime

Ai Yori Aoshi, Aishiteruze Baby, Ayashi No Ceres, Chobits,

Death Note, Escaflowne, Full Metal Alchemist, Furuba,

Fushigi Yuugi, Gravatation, Honey & Clover I & II, Honey x Honey Drops,

Howl's Moving Castle, Kenshin, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Kyou Kara Maou!,

Laputa, Millenium Actress, My Neighbors the Yamadas, Naausica,

NANA, Parakiss, Peach Girl, Perfect Blue,

Pretear, Princess Princess, SHUFFLE!, Spirited Away,

Steamboy, Tokyo Godfathers, Whisper of The Heart, Yami No Matsuei.

Favorite Manga

Hana-Kimi, Absolute Boyfriend, The Wallflower, Chibi Vampire,

Tenshi Ja Nai!, Girl Got Game, Othello, Here Is Greenwood

Favorite Music

Thank you for visiting! o(^.~)o

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