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About Me: i sooo totally love anime!!! all with those big eyes, awesome hairstyles and out of this world attitudes!!!!! i love everything about anime!!!!!!!!!

Karusuma Takada-san (Japanese)
Sarah (Real)
CERTIFIED ANIME ADDICT, it's so obvious!
i really bet that only few know me very well
i don't really show my true self to just anybody, it's a mystery why.
i call myself 'patched phantom'.
i have lots of stories to tell, that's why i talk a lot.
yet, you can also count on me in serious matters.
i don't really know the real me.
i'm still in the process of understanding who i really am.
but i'm totally sure i really love anime. really.
i totally crave for chocolates!
i totally love animemusic..
and i write stories.
^_^ dozo yoroshiku!
karusuma takada

glitter graphic myspace at
When it comes to Kenshin and Kaoru, it's natural.

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