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About Me: hiya! im kat and i like anime and manga alot!! my favorites are bleach,dn angel,fruits basket,naruto,fullmetal alchemist,gravitation,air T.V.,kanon,magikano,kare kano,rave master,rurouni kenshin,w juliet, otome wo boku ni koishiteru, welcome to the NHK, utawarerumono,inukami!,07 ghosts, scrapped princess, MY-HIME,tengen toppa gurren lagann,full metal panic(all seasons of it), Hakushaku to yousei, natsume yuujinchou, zoku natsume yuujinchou, mugen spiral, samurai deeper kyo, romeoXjuliet getbackers, ghost hunt, Soul Eater, Jing king of bandits Kyo Kara Maoh (all seasons) and many more but the list can go on forever lol

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