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About Me: i'm a 14 year-old freak who loves watching animes, and listening to japanese music [although i don't understand much of the words]. oh yeah... and if you feel like dropping a message on the shoutbox, feel free to do so. XD my favorite animes are... -death note -elemental gerad -full metal alchemist -suzuka -tsubasa -school rumble -DNangel my favorite artists are... -NIGHTMARE -nana kitade -yellow generation [is it correct? the one who sang tobira no mukou e from FMA?] -asian kung-fu generation -lar'c-en-ciel -miyamoto shunichi favorite anime characters: -edward elric -winry rockbell -riza hawkeye -roy mustang -black hayate -L Lawliet -Light yagami -sayu yagami -asahina suzuka -dark -krad -satoshi hiwatari -with
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------------------------------------------------ people cannot gain anything without sacrificing something. this is the principle of equivalent trade in alchemy.

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