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About Me: Hi! weLcoMe to mE! =3

iM Krizzienne..,

14 yRs. oLd..,

iM a Filipino =3 ~`(i wiSh I was a JapanEse T_T)`~

iM in Gendou becOzh oF my fWnd daNieLLe a.K.a LacuSh-cHan =3 sHe's a verY guD feNd,,.
aNd a nauGhty aNd cRazY fWnd, aHahaha,
waK ka mGAlit saKn danieLLe! hEhe..
aNd wHen in oUr cLassrUm, shE aLweiz lauGhs oUt loud, sHe saYs sHe's autHistic (aHaha,, oF coRz it's nOt trUe ^^)..,
sHe's veRy fuN 2 be wiTh aNd i lovE heR soO muCh =3.., ^^ jijijiji ^^
oOuUuyyy.., taWA ciA.., jejejeje ^^ =3

i loVe aNimEs.., ^^

NARUTO is tHe beSteSt aniMe 4 me =3 ^^
wHen iM waTching iT.., dRops oF teArs aRe cOming oUt of mE oLweiZ..,
mY heArt is iN thIs aniMe, jejeje.., i loVe Hinata-chan♥ =3 sHe's sO cuTe wHen NaruTo is neAr heR.., i loVe iT wheN she iS bLushing.., sHe's sO cuTe anD sHe's my cRush, jejeje ^^ =3
i aLso haD a crUsh on Sai, hE's beTter tHat tHat ugLy saSuke (oOopPziez! ^^).., bLabLa, tHat's eNougH! ^^ jijijiji =3

nExT iS oNe pieCe ^^ =3..,
i waS aMazeD by theiR sTrong faiTh to tHeir dREamS ^^..,
liKe MonKey d' Luffy, he iS beLieVing tHat sUmdaY hE wiLL be tHe PiRaTe King, wHooA! eVen u iF uR in tHat aNime, u woUld jUz lauGh beCoz hE's oNly a kiD.., waHaha..,
bY d waY.., mY faVoriTe in thIs anIme is choppeR, jijiji =3 hE's sO cUte and cudDly.., jijiji ^^ =3
i aLso loVe Nami, sHe's sMart.., jejeje ^^.., =3

oh yeAh.. me liKes HinaTa~chan♥, KonaTa~cHan♥, and Meyrin~cHan♥.. ^^

..aNd mah FamiLia in GenDou..

Lacus' Obra Maestra.. wahaha.. she made it during our Physics class cozh we're so bored.. =.= bravo! *claps*

uH oH! iM rUnniN ouT of wOrDs 2 saY =3.., maYbe i'LL jusT eDit my pWoFyl wHen i hAve tYm, cOz i nEed 2 leVel uP my sHammiE =3 jejeje ^^.., aNyoNe pLayiNg RaN oNline aNd tRicksTer oNline??.., ^^

aDd me uP oN friEndsTer, iF uR wiLLing 2 be mY fWnd =3 ^^..,

yaHoo meSseNger: krizz_mae
sKype name: krizzienne

oTher thinGieS: =3 ^^..,

RaN oNline: meyRin_cHan, sTrife seRver
O2Jam: hinakimichan
gUnbound pHiL: rulzer
guNbound iNterNatioNal: hinakimichan

uuuuuyyyy..!.., ^^

~~` ugleh mee.. =3 ^^

mY minions aRe tHanKing U fOr vieWing mY pRofyL =3 ^^.., ariGAtou!! =3 ^^ i loVe u aLL.., ^^
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