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About Me: my Homies are Ryusei,Moon, Samii, Echi, Kenshi, Kyo, Mei, giggles, Emi, lin/star, Allen, Yume, Alkai, Kenshin, echikari ummm... so many sorry guys if i left any of you out T_T oh and i didnt order them from who i like the best or anything thats just the way i did it. YO!!!!!!!!! HI MY FAVS LONG TIME NO CHAT WITH YOU GUYS SORRY ABOUT THAT! THINGS POP UP HERE AND THERE BUT THATS WHY IM HERE TO TELL YA THAT IM STILL ALIVE AND I STILL LOVE YOU!!! (why im typing like this idk...) ah YUME and MEI no longer go to school with me :C but i still chat with them so if you see them please take care of them XD hope to talk to yuo guys again soon :) check out my YT: Hikari421la :D see ya soon <3CynHikari
its all good in the hood!!! purple
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