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About Me: Howdy everyone! (*≧▽≦)= Nice to meet you all! My name is フリプ or furipu in katakana! Fleep is the american version of my name. So you may call me either version. I am 19 years old, currently living in Texas and looking for a place to make a ton of buddies and a fun and enjoyable environment to be in. I found this place by coincidence when I was looking for lyrics to a song named Aijou Education on google when I listened to it on another online radio station. After I saw how this website has translated lyrics , a tv broadcasting player added, radio station, customizable profiles, active forums, and a ton of other neat features, I then proceeded to make this my new favorate site to replace the simple online radio station I once listened to. So far my experience in this site has been an fantastic one and I look forward to having it stay that way. I want to let you all know that you can feel free to message me! Seriously go ahead and message me sometime. I don't mind if you throw questions at me as long as its something anyone would understand. I love talking too people, especially if it has too do with fresh unique topics you want to share with someone. send me links to blog articles, news, online streaming videos such as the ones found on youtube, you top rated songs, social networks such as myspace you are a member on, etc. I just love hearing this sort of stuff. Well that concludes my introduction, Thanks for visiting and if you want to become friends then talk to me for a bit through the chat or message me. Thanks for visiting my profile! (^ _ ^)/~~サヨナラ = Sayonara or bye

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