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About Me: I am probably the most random pony any body can know. all of my friends say that I'm probably the little filly of the our whole "mob" (friend group). Even though I am the oldest out of all of them, but i guess I'm just awesome like that. Besides it takes real skill to be this childish even when your the oldest out of everypony. :D My friends made this list to show how I am obsessed wif stuff: - LEGEND OF ZELDA!!!! ^-^ I'm a big gamer and this has always been my favorite game (especialy Ocarina of Time) besides I always thought Link was super hottttt....... for a video game character - gummy bears :) they are gonna rule over the world one day - pikachu he is just tooooo cute fo me to resist - yoshi :D I'm still a foal in ma mind even though I'm 17 and yoshi is amazerin - oreos :D they are like heaven in cookie form and made to go in your mouth - MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - lolipops *whispers* they are my weakness. I would always take them from ponies and steal them, but you cant tell anypony I'm soposed to be clean of them ;) shushhhh - gum......... but nowadays who isnt obssessed wif gum. its funny cause at school when you give somepony gum its like we're drug dealers cause we dont want anypony to find out we have gum. we meet up places or do it secretly wifout anypony finding out - sharpies and no I dont get high off of them......... ok maybe I do ;) - #3 ma lucky # - drawing on ponies even though I suk at it. i luv doin it One more thing..... Pegasisteres/Bronies of the world UNITE!!!!!
Peace, Love, and Gummy Bears, Oreo_Luver (Po ^u^)

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