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About Me: About Me...: I'm Peruvian / I'm an OTAKU (FOR LIFEEE!) / I love HEROES / I spend all my saturdays on ARENALES (In lima, a place where all the otaku gathers XD) / I'm a SPANISH SPEAKER... / ...Thanks god I can speak and write in english as a second language / I love ALI PROJECT, DO AS INFINITY, LAST ALLIANCE and HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, talking about J-music / I love PINK, BLACK EYED PEAS (Specially Apl-de-Ap), SYSTEM OF A DOWN, talking about music in english / My favourite animes are: Ouran High School Host Club, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Both seasons), Code Geass (both seasons), and NANA. / My Favourite mangas are: Bleach, Nana, Bokurano, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, and Death Note (the only one I read in a real tankobon) / My Favourite game is and it always going to be CHRONO TRIGGER, and Crono will always be in my name image (or whatever that picture used as name is called like) / I'm crazy... / ...but they haven't catched me yet >.> / Ok, this is over XD for now

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