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About Me: I'm Sagara Kazuya, One of the Legendary RP'ers in Gendou. I'm one of youngest among the Legendary RP'er, as my post count is not even half of Jon(Jonathon)'s or Kay(Bloodymoon)'s post count XD.
Name: Adam
Age: 16
Born: April 5th Gender: Male
Nationality: Malaysian
Astro Sign: Aries
Hair and Eye Color: Blackish Brown and Dark Brown
Likes: Swordfighting, archery, video games, RP'ing, internet.
Type[Girl interest]: ..
Status: Single
Job - Nothing yet.
Legendary RP Trio: Jonathon (Jon), Bloodymoon (Kay), Sagara Kazuya (Sagara) Sagara Kazuya, One of the Legendary Rp Trio.

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