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About Me:

<<====<<| INTRODUCTION|>>====>>

Just a quick one.
I'm a 15-year-old boy.
I live in Indonesia ( GMT + 7 )
I can speak English, and a bit of Japanese.
I hate memorizing stuffs, so I hate History class.

Likes : apples, cheese, sleeping, my computer, Chitose
Hates : dust, liars, backstabbers, my mousepad, boredom

Favorite Anime : The Law of Ueki
Favorite Manga : The Law of Ueki Plus
Favorite Music Artists : JAM Project, Masami Okui
Favorite Anime Music from Gendou :
-- Little Wing [Scrapped Princess]
-- In The Chaos [Galaxy Angel A]
-- Rising Force [Super Robot Wars Original Generation]

I'm mostly active in Advanced and The

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