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About Me: Name: Jinseta Yensei
Age: 20... ish

Originally Critic, I set off for a brave new frontier known as real life. Now I'm back as Jinseta. Text-based rping still runs through my veins, as odd as that sounds. It's a creative outlet that seems to suit me well ^_^' In the year or so since I've left, as lot has happened, and there's more still to come. For now, the dust has settled, and I've decided to return.

The name Jinseta is a name I created for a character in my work. It's nice to have a unique name that no one seems to have thought of and still sounds good. The name has no real meaning, but I'll sometimes add a meaning to it.

My battle record has not changed much. Two new victories have been added, but there's been many incomplete battles. Kinda disappointed my first battle after a while ended in a draw, but at least I still got it. I had the idea of displaying my little character creations. A preview so to speak of the horrors that await my challengers on the battlefield. Once the list is completed, it will be posted here for all to fear.

Total Battle History

Completed Battles: 32

Wins: 20

Ties: 2

Losses: 10

Feel free to comment or chat. Spam is not welcome...

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This and Thats

The Ship has Docked

If you were to ask me if things have come full circle and did I wind up back here, I would have to say no. Time may be a circle, but people are not. Everything comes to an end, and I foresee my days of forum browsing ending with the arrival of my dream nerdess, fliting to a honeymoon and having lots of mini-mes.

Until then, it's GFs and college - my current status in a nutshell. It took time, but I've adjusted.


Anime: Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tale has also caught my eye, Gundam 00 - Counted among the ranks of the best Gundam has to offer!

Manga: Naruto, Bleach, Read or Die, Read or Dream, Nagasarete Airantou, Cage of Eden, Highschool of the Dead, Shin Angyo Onshi
To some, this may be a small list. I perfer manga with a somewhat unique story. Plus I like to smell the roses, which takes more time to read. As for Airantou, yes I know exactly what it is. If you take note of the other manga on that list, a harem genre was a refreashing change of pace, and it's funny enough for me to enjoy.

Other: Writing - Picking up momentum, Digital Art - Still stagnate, Gaming - Fairly stagnated, but strong in all things Halo

GNU/Linux: Yes, I've become a disciple of open-source. It's an interest that's slowly been growing into a passion for the past couple years. Currently, I working on personalizing openSUSE. Yes, its Novel, but it's not Ubuntu (gnome hater) and Fedora is too much for my hardware even without SELinux.
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