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About Me: Ok, so it's about time that I update this. Username Claymore47, Clay for short (and I've been mistaken for a guy many times as a result, much to my amusement), though I also go by Vina, Elf, Kitty, Puchuu, and Neko-chan (all of which have back stories, some of which are very funny, at least to me ^^) I'm currently 20, but that will change in about 4 months (February to be precise) and it can't come soon enough! Hehe, not that you need alcohol to have fun, as my best friends can confirm. Ahh, the stories we could tell... and the pictures to prove it! Some of them are, well.. just think nosebleeds, lol. *angelic smile* I remain convinced that if you unleashed just three of us on an unsuspecting city, we would eventually topple the country, hahaha. Moving right along, I attend college in Tampa, FL and my major is International and Cultural Studies (quite a mouthful, huh?).. Is it sad that I've been here for three years and I still haven't gone on a weekend beach trip? *shuffles feet* Anyways! I'm hoping to become fluent in Chinese and Japanese and live in both countries for a time, starting with a trip to China this spring! *happy dance* I love traveling with a passion, especially when I get to visit somewhere new. I've been all over the US and to mainland Canada, Nova Scotia, Bermuda, the Bahamas, France, Spain, and Ireland (yet somehow I can't make it to the beach 20 minutes away...). Oh! and if you ever get to talk to me in person, I have a very dry sense of humor, and enjoy making use of it, muahahaha. I guess that's it for now, thanks for stopping by yall! (I couldn't resist. ^^) けきがだいすきです! its a class joke..

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