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=== I was planning to show something fancy in this profile,

But when I think over it again, I'm too lazy to write the codes ===

Welcome to this simple profile of mine.

I am chemical_o3, perhaps it sounds to scientific--- since originally, this account isn't mine.

It belongs to a friend of mine, but since my friend doesn't speak that much, I took this username for myself.

You can call me Sieghard. Though if you have alternatives like "Sieghart", or "Steghard", go ahead and use it.

Well, to move on.

About Me:

My family (father's side) has a long history, that makes me a little bit confused of my own identity at times.

To put everything in short words: My family is interracial,

I have a Chinese aunt, she nicknamed me "Liu Xushu"

I have an Arabic uncle, he nicknamed me "Hassan Al-Ahlya"

I have Japanese cousins, they nicknamed me "Ryuusei Shuu"

I have a Kazakh grandfather, he nicknamed me "Sergei" (yes, just that)

My name changes according to whose house I step into.

My name changes according to what country I am at.

I am an active language learner,

I understand a few languages, my first language was English

... but it slowly decays as I don't use it actively anymore,

As I have been a proud Indonesian for awhile,

and I prefer to talk with a rough mixed language of Sunda-Indonesian instead.

Currently trying to be active by submitting, reviewing and correcting lyrics,

Especially lyrics in Kanji, its transliteration, in Italian, or anything else I'm aware of.


See this simple profile?

I'm quite lazy, and can be quite melancholic at times.

I hate pointless debates, so I prefer to stay out of it by stop replying or stay silent.

However, I love discussion, feel free to criticize my points if you're trying to start a constructive talk.

And it's a hobby of mine to help, if you have any favor to ask for- feel free to ask me.

Places to Find Me @ Gendou:

1. The AIH thread in "Other" section.

2. Philosophy section.

3. Japanese Language 「日本語」 section. (in this case, it's me who'll find you[r problem])

4. Random music threads.

5. Of course- Waste of Time section.

If you have something to say or ask, feel free to use the box below:

La Divina Tragedia

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