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About Me: about me..I am a gal who loves couplings(anime only >< probably human as well,it depends one whether they match nicely or not o=p)well, I like quite alot of couples and obviously i love syaoran and sakura.(check my gif i made hehe ^^')they are the best right?(refering to CCS fans and the "SS's fans") you can check out my friendster = = if u wanna juz to emphasize on how crazy I am on them =p umm..what else? I'm abit sensitive...=x have to admit that though..easily provoked but can chill quite fast.kinda hot tempered..if I was really provoked badly..kinda like stick to rules unless my mood change to "rules are meant to be broken" then I'll break some =p really CRAZY + wild at sometimes till friends can't control me*xD, LOL* Lazy at times...when it comes to holiday =x like to mix minded people is the best for me ^.~ I am kinda in to fashion but not really good in it fashion taste is kinda not that good though....I like sports(keeps me fit and healthy!) I like basketball + badminton + swimming.It really hits! but all my skills are...not good *zzz* fave quote is "(fill in any words like for exp:pig) your foot!" xP that's all about mua.. o=p
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