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About Me: Some of you might know me from my anime drawing thread or the karaoke thread in the forum. Thanks for viewing my work and listen to my singing. I am by no means a professional. I just love to draw sing.
Something about myself:
Age:34 (8/20/1973) yeah, I am an old goat, male
Nationality: Chinese
Location: Minnesota, USA
Occupation: engineer/teacher, professional photographer
You can check out me photo gallery here.
hobbies:drawing, cycling, love playing flute, writing stories, badminton, jogging, internet, listening to music (anime or non), chinese food.

Here are some of the songs I did:
Click here to watch 'FSN---Disillusion-Flute'
Click here to watch 'Heaven-from-AMG'
Click here to watch 'storm-42-18'
Click here to watch 'Elfed-Lied---Lilium-Flute-version'
Click here to listen 'Kotoba-tabitachi-flute-version-85'
Click here to listen'quiet-night'
Click here to watch 'snow-rain-48'
Here is my self portrait.

Here are some of my work from the past and presence.

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