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Hello! Welcome to the N00b's page! XD

I'm still not very good at HTML, as you can see ^^; I do hope you enjoy your stay <3

About Meh

Age: 22 years Old

Sex: Female

Lives: USA

Likes: Pumpkin Pie, Anime, Video Games, Drawing, Reading the manga, Texting XD,
Spending time with good friends, Riddles, History, Math, Music is life...

Dislikes: . . .Nothing :D

A little more info on the Ama

If you have seen me in the chats...I am random, playful, carefree and Hyper. I act the same way I do in the real world. I have been told I might have ADHD but...I don't mind. I love having fun, and making other's laugh. Though I am like a mother/big sister figure sometimes. I care a lot about my friends and I would do anything I could to make them smile :D

My goal in life right now...Is to become a Pharm dream was to draw but...lolz after 3 years of not drawing, my skills have failed hard core DX

I think that's it for the time being :3 Thank you so much for stopping by! I feel loved! <3333

Bai Bai



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