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Link | by NimbusHurl on 2020-07-04 02:33:40
To anyone out here,

Hey. I just randomly dropped an introduce me thread despite being a member here since the year 2008. This the first time I've been to the forum.

I still go to this site even after so many years since I still watch some of the old animes produced before 2010 to download the old songs.

This site is the most organized and straightforward site for anime music, compared to the new sites I'm looking through when I search for new anime music. Their websites are full of pop-ups and malicious ads all over.

I just kinda wish that this site will come back up.

So far, the forums are kinda updated, but it's all about ads. It's kinda sad.

This feels like visiting a run-down amusement park with all the valuables still intact.

See you around.


Re: Hey
Link | by z-x-cvinbym on 2020-09-11 08:27:09 (edited 2020-09-11 10:10:26)
this site is difrent with others simple download lot of detail and complete soundtrack back of the day
the forum is active lot of chalange games
fill free to create profile page (like friendster) not all have this capability on this day sosial media

lot of people not coming back and active in the chat or forum not because this site out of update because our generation in this gendaou site has bussy in real life like had worked and also now had family

when im in highschool and college still active here but when i grown up and must to have a job i forgotten all the activity on the internet to focus in the real life maybe all my friend here have the same reason

its very nostalgic im back to this site just to check

btw hi to nimbushurl very rare to see person still active here


Re: Hey
Link | by kaoru on 2020-09-12 04:16:41
I know the feeling.
I still have the USN and password in my head after all this time, I don't know how that's possible!!

---------------------------------------- Everyone is connected.

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