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Creating Polls (Guidelines)
Link | by devils-angel on 2012-04-02 18:44:52
Everybody knows of the polls section of by now, right?
It's sort of another outlet of the Waste of Time section in the forums.

Creating a poll is pretty simple however lately (or over the past few months) people aren't really creating valid polls.
People think the poll section is a spam place, however the same rules, as anywhere else, applies to the poll section as well,
so I thought it'd be much helpful to post rules and guidelines to help clear the spam-ish polls from valid ones.

To see the official rule of creating polls please refer to this thread.

The main rules I want to emphasis are:
  • Ask a question:
    Please phrase the poll question as a concise question with a question mark (?) at the end.
  • No spam:
    Polls must be cogent, employ proper spelling and grammar, and have some clear subject. If write-ins are not permitted, the options supplied must be sensible.
  • Singular answer:
    Poll questions should have a singular answer. For example, ask for favorite color, as opposed to which color a person likes.

All the rules are important however these three main rules are the ones people should base their polls on.
The system Gendou has created is that all polls need to end with a question mark (?) to successfully be created.
However people seem to be a bit careless and think just adding a question mark at the end makes a valid poll. No!
With polls that involve write-ins (users who are able to vote can also add their own choice of answer),
I've seen people adding random answers which is a big no-no, one mainly I'm pointing out relating to turtles.

Any poll answer relating to "turtles" will be removed, and such other random answers.

The polls are for everyone so don't ruin someone else's poll by adding random BS...

Another thing I'm adding is try limiting your poll titles/answers.
I've seen polls where titles seem to have 140+ characters or such stretching out people's pages.
There are also polls which allow write-ins which can build up to 20-30 different answers!
A common one is something like "what is your favorite anime?"

Try to condense your polls and structure of your answers.
If you're creating a poll which ask for users for choices, try to set out a certain amount beforehand, such as 10,
and after listing out 9 or so choices include "Other" as a choice, so that you don't get a hundred different choices, y'know?
I think in the future there should be a limit to help prevent this from happening too often.

Polls are not threads, you're not trying to get a discussion going in the poll section.
Polls should be for quick reads and answers, not to gather much detailed information.
If you want to know an opinion about an anime compared to best anime of the season, you'd discuss it within the forums.

Basically that last point is about "creating a poll or a thread".

If there's any questions or if there's something you're confused about or I missed, please ask me.
I made this in the WOT section since the polls are considered WOT,
however if there's more traffic here I'll move it elsewhere so people don't have to worry about their WOT-10 post limit.

One last note I want to point out, users are allowed to post 10 polls per a 24-hour time period,
however if I see people abusing this and creating non-sense polls too often, which has occurred,
I'll report you and you may have your privilege of creating polls revoked, so be careful!


Re: Creating Polls (Guidelines)
Link | by on 2012-04-18 08:35:32
So what should we do if we see repeat polls? Because I tend to see a few of those and there isn't really a place to report them.

Unless repeat polls aren't that big of an issue so it's not a problem yet?

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