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:Bullet For Prisoner: [OPEN | Accepting]
Link | by misanouta on 2011-08-30 18:30:09 (edited 2011-09-05 17:49:43) there any sin to this song...?

:b u l l e t . f o r . p r i s o n e r:

...there's no sin to this song....


"From a delicate thread made of silk, black waterdrops fall down...."


It was the word that I whispered involentarily when I met my Key.

It was a long time ago, back when Chronika was young and Pairs were named after flowers and minerals. We were Lilly of the Valley. They don't do that any more. Pairs are one-word names, usually named after stars or constellations; it's a word given to you by a prophet at the time of your birth, and it stays with you forever afterward. It's on your birth certificate, your Health Card, your driver's liscence, your school card.... For every important identification marker, your Pair Name is on it. You will never forget, and if you do... shame, because there are a million reminders.

Once a year, there's a party held by the Royal Chronikan Pairing Commitee, which was established in Nine West over twenty years ago because of the lack of Pairs submitted to office. It was the idea of our Prince Raythe's father, who sadly passed away and left the RCPC to his son. During this party, which lasts three days and four nights, everyone is invited to find that one special someone — he or she who shares his or her True Name — with all sorts of events and shows. The most popular attraction of the festival is the duelling on the last day, which is only available for entry to Pairs that have been locked for five or more years — the longer the bond, the stronger, you see? Typically people end up banished to the Black World in the end of these duels, and Pairs are either broken up or completely destroyed. It's upsetting, but it's also a good lesson to the younger ones as to what exactly these Pairs are for. Lilly of the Valley worked in the Chronikan Imperial Stable training horses together, but others have more importants duties to the city. The strongest pairs these days... pairs like Vega... are generally part of the Imperial Guard.

Whispers around Nine West tell of a Pair tainted by evil, bonded of black blood and intentions of disdain. Most believe these to be rumours, but those who do believe speak only of who they think it might be. Many have their reasons for turning to shadows, and they're good reasons, too.... The way it's going now it could be anyone for any reason and with any goal in mind.

Frailer people like me... we worry of war. It wears on us.

Others? It excites them.


:r u l e s:

  • No power-playing or god-modelling.
  • No playing other peoples' characters without their permission.
  • Please post in novel-style format. At least one good paragraph per post. NO one-lining.
  • Love is Allowed. Slash is both allowed and encouraged. But please, for the sake of Kyou-chan's poor sensitive eyes and mind -cough cough- please keep it PG-13. Any higher and you can take it to PM or something. We don't want it here.
  • All characters must be 15 to 26 years of age.
  • If you're just going to sign up and then never come back, don't bother signing up — it's a waste of both of our time.
  • Ideas for the plot are both welcome and allowed. Anything major you should run by me first, things like killing characters should be run by me and the person whose character your killing. Killing will be allowed, but keep it PG-13.
  • Message me if you're interested in playing the antagonist(s). I need one Pair who will agree to take up the task.
  • If anyone violates any of these rules, I will give THREE WARNINGS before I let my rabid vampire squirrels loose to terminate your character(s). Serious business.
  • If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask me.
  • Have fun!


    :G M ' s . n o t e s:

    First, I'd like to welcome all who have read the introduction and the rules, and are considering joining. Thank you for at least taking the time to read this, even if you decide not to join.

    Next, I'd like to direct your attention to the 'Locked Pairs' section below. There are thirteen pairs, named after stars; which you'll be able to change before the RPG begins once you have someone paired up with you. Now, I know that twenty-six players may seem a bit much, but fear not. I'll only be accepting four pairs. The pairs are all first-come-first-serve, so go nuts. Depending on the response to this RPG, I may accept as many as six pairs, with three of these already being locked. Each pair below will be listed Lock first, then Key, so it's important that you make sure whichever position in a pair you're applying for is OPEN. I am not reserving spaces. Like I said, first-come-first-serve. Also, please don't ask me to change something because you don't like the User/Character that you might end up in a pair with. Added drama. The Lock/Key combos might be bound for life, but that doesn't mean they have to like eachother... like arranged marriages in Old France. Divorce is only something they do in England. Except that we don't have an England, and everyone's basically stuck with whoever they're stuck with. No. Nevermind. Moving on.

    One or two of the pairs will begin as a Locked Pair, meaning that they already must know each other; they probably live together, or at least see each other daily. The bond between a Lock and Key once brought together into the Locked Bond is the closest intimate relationship without the need to be lovers. Locked Pairs can and do still date outside of their Pair. Because of this, Pairs don't have to be male/female, so fear not.

    Vega will already be a Locked Pair.

    Next, Chronika. It's a fantasy world made up of different creatures, running parallel to our own (which they call Natrallis), but much farther along. In addition to being a realm of fantasy, it's also set in a somewhat futuristic environment. The capital city is called Nine West; incase you didn't know, in our lovely Earth, Nine West is a shoe company. Feel free to make these little changes throughout the world. Nine West is probably the most technologically advanced place in Chronika, except for Western Nine West, where the train station of the Sporadic Bullet is. It's very Victorian England, except for the style of dress and the obvious change in trends and customs and whatnot. It's kind of like the slums of Nine West, but very upscale and well-kept. True the people who live there might not have as much money, but the people who do business there do.

    Most of Chronika is populated by different species of Fae — the most common being the Kveria Fae (which is just a nice name for a mix-breed), the least common being Celestial Fae, though there are hundreds more. Celestial Fae are actually considered endangered; most Fae who claim themselves Celestial are actually only partially Celestial. The number of Pureblood Celestials has decreased dramatically in the last five years since the Breeding Law was removed, allowing all species and creatures to mingle within each other and whatnot. It basically allows mix-breeding, which has altered the Purity Rate significantly. Other species that inhabit Chronika are things like Elves and Dwarves, as well as Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, Shapeshifters, et cetera. Most potentially dangerous species are not permitted within the walls of Nine West unless being transported to the prison. Humans in Chronika.... It's very, very rare, but it does happen. In addition to this, Humans are not able to pair with Chronikans, so if you have a Human character then you didn't read this at all, or have special permission.

    The Sporadic Bullet is a train that goes back and forth from Chronika to Natrallis, collecting stranded mythological creatures and lost spirits from our world to take them somewhere safer. There are certain Gateways all over the planet, usually known to be spiritual hotspots, but that's not always the case. These Gateways can only be used once a decade to allow for healing. A scarred Gateway can no longer be used, but it's still possible for things to get lost and wind up in Chronika from there. Places like the Bermuda Triangle and the Hoia Baciu Forest Circle in Romania are examples of scarred areas that can no longer be used. In both areas, people are said to go missing without a trace — the Bermuda Triangle is said to engulf whole ships and airplanes, just going to show how bad the scarring there actually is.

    There's another country to the north, Aortia, but I won't go into detail about it.

    Magic will be allowable, but there's no such thing as an all-powerful spell that will kill/knock out with one hit, unless it has severe consequence to the user. Thus, if you use something to that effect, you'd better be dying afterward or I'll beat you with Mein Herr Schtick as a warning before I use my all-powerful spell and kill your character myself.

    I also don't want to see any independant-types or lone wolves because they almost always end up being ignored, and I hate it when that happens. Rebels and such, sure, but keep your emo character in its corner, please.

    So, I think that's basically all that I need to mention. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and if I feel its important, I'll add it here.

    Thanks all!


    :p l a y e r s:

  • Valentine Christienne Stoltzman [M, 22]
  • Tristessa Celeste DeLuca [M, 16]

  • Reign Empress Avalarde [FM, 22]
  • Rhys Savante [M, 24]

  • Schwarz Schaz [M, 20]

  • Alia Valenberg [FM, 17]


    :l o c k e d . p a i r s:

    Pair One - Altair
  • Lock - OPEN
  • Key - OPEN

    Pair Two - Vega - Locked
  • Valentine Christienne Stoltzman
  • Key - OPEN

    Pair Three - Tyl
  • Lock - OPEN
  • Key - OPEN

    Pair Four - Capella
  • Lock - OPEN
  • Key - OPEN

    Pair Five - Ksora
  • Lock - OPEN
  • Key - OPEN

    Pair Six - Minelava
  • Lock - OPEN
  • Key - OPEN

    Pair Seven - Atria
  • Lock - OPEN
  • Key - OPEN

    Pair Eight - Bellatrix
  • Lock - OPEN
  • Key - OPEN

    Pair Nine - Lesath
  • Alia Valenberg
  • Tristessa Celeste DeLuca

    Pair Ten - Nashira
  • Lock - OPEN
  • Key - OPEN

    Pair Eleven - Zaniah
  • Schwarz Schaz
  • Reign Empress Avalarde

    Pair Twelve - Sol
  • Lock - OPEN
  • Key - OPEN

    Pair Thirteen - Electra
  • Rhys Savante
  • Key - OPEN


    :f o r m:

    [First Name]
    [Last Name]
    [Pair Name]
    [Lock or Key?]


    :k y o u - c h a n ' s . c h a r a c t e r s:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    :v a l e n t i n e . c h r i s t i e n n e . s t o l t z m a n:

    [Just Valentine; anything else is asking to lose a vital part of your anatomy]
    [Celestial Fae/Vampire]

    A rebel, Valentine Stoltzman has the definite who-the-fuck-cares attitude, with very openly and blatantly obvious disregard for authority. He was always destined to be a Lock, and even if he weren't he'd still act more dominant. He doesn't give half a rat's ass about any lives other than his own and his partner's, which he hates to admit. The way he tells the stories, he hates pretty much everything for a specific reason, but it doesn't keep him from holding his partner's hand through rough times. In fact, he often scolds that person closest to him, his Key, for whatever fault he can find, but even still behind the scorn there's passion in his eyes. If one thing is true about him that he wishes weren't (though he says often that he'd never change anything about himself) it's his eye for beauty and his weakness for dependancy. He wants something that needs him, and something that needs him badly. He's never really been a bad person, just very upset and frusterated. Unless you're letting him tell the story.

    ~ His power excels in the art of necromancy
    ~ He has three younger sisters, and he's very protective of them despite his cold demeanor, just the same way he is with his Key.
    ~ Because he's a strange mix and half a rare breed, the Department of Rare and Endangered Species Protection has been harassing him since he was sixteen and legally allowed to speak for himself on certain things to join their program and live in corporate housing, among other rares and working for quite a hefty sum of money per day. Last time he saw them, he told them to stuff it up their asses and took off.


    :t r i s t e s s a . c e l e s t e . d e l u c a:

    [Tessa or just Tess]
    [Kveria Fae]

    Tristessa.... What could you say about him...? Soft-spoken, fragile, generally kind and openly affectionate, Tessa is the shoulder to cry on when you need it and the person you go to for advice when it's necessary. He's upbeat and his smile is contagious, he almost seems to glow, radiating positive emotions. Despite being a Kveria, the most common and unconsequential breed of Fae, he still tries to find a way to mean something in the lives of those who need it. Have you ever sat alone in the coffee shop, down about one thing or another and nothing seems to be going right? He's the one that'll sit down next to you and buy you a coffee and a doughnut hoping it'll make you feel better. It's what he lives for. People upset around him? Just doesn't happen. He makes it his mission in life to make people happy. And what happens when things are too dire to turn around...? It's never happened to him before. He's never gotten to face it.

    ~ He was born in a small town just outside Nine West and is staying with his Aunt for the festival
    ~ His power excels in water and earth elements
    ~ He's afraid of big dogs; really he's more of a cat person

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    Re: :Bullet For Prisoner: [OPEN | Accepting]
    Link | by on 2011-08-30 18:38:20 (edited 2011-08-30 21:23:58)
    Edited, Sorry Kyosuke. I'm a bit out of it.

    Character 1:

    Name: Reign Empress Avelarde
    Nickname: Gemini
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Species: Nix/Firebird
    Orientation: Straight
    Pair Name: Zaniah / Key
    Personality: Reign is very elegant in everything she does. She's very sweet and thoughtful. She always put others before her. She is very caring of others as well, as it pertains to her eagerness to help.
    Reign also have a split-personality. Her other personality can be rude, insensitive and apathetic. Her other self degrades whoever she is with and treat them as her servant. The switch of the two personality is very unpredictable. Other than the split personality, Reign is very devious person and difficult to trust, she lies and results to trickery. She never tells the truth, even to her own partner. However, she is able to support her partner in battles and devotes loyalty to him/her.
    She adores having her own tea time. She prefers having Pomegranate White Tea with Milk & Sugar
    She respects Valentine and thinks he's an interesting fellow.
    She excels within the magic of illusions, creating nothing from something and something from nothing.
    She carries a weapon, called Sinner

    Character 2:

    Name: Rhys Savante
    Nickname: Wild Card
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Species: Demon/Werewolf
    Orientation: Straight
    Pair Name: Electra / Lock
    Personality: Rhys Savante is a quiet individual. He does everything in his own pace. He is also very selfish, two reasons which is why things always end up in a riot between him and his partner. He doesn't listen to anyone. He also gets irritated very easily and results everything in violence. He likes to observe his surroundings a lot, especially living beings. He enjoys the sick thrill of verbally abusing anyone around him while predicting their behaviour and decode their motives
    He has a passion for baking sweets.
    He excels in the field of Psychology, specializing in the behaviour and thought analysis.
    He has the ability to shapeshift, in his werewolf or demon form

    Devil Form

    Wolf Form

    Re: :Bullet For Prisoner: [OPEN | Accepting]
    Link | by misanouta on 2011-08-30 19:02:45 (edited 2011-08-30 20:03:17)
    [[@Fairy: Actually, I'm not reserving spaces as it says in the GM's Notes at the top. Also, if you're going to make two characters, I'd prefer it if they had two different Pair Names, so that you have more of a chance to mingle amongst the other players, and to reduce the risk of being isolated from the action. Thank you!]]


    There are now four Pairs with open spots. These need to be filled before any more are taken. You'll see them above in the 'Locked Pairs' section, in bold. Can't be missed.

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    Re: :Bullet For Prisoner: [OPEN | Accepting]
    Link | by on 2011-09-02 10:06:32
    Name: Schwarz Schaz
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Species: Kveria Fae
    Orientation: Straight
    Pair: Zaniah/Lock
    Personality: Schwarz is a quiet person. He likes to day dream and walk in the forest. he likes nature and animals. He also idealistic and patient. He likes to plans everything and usually prefer to be a group leader. At certain times he also like to take high risks. He also likes to makes friends. He looks at Reign as a caring big sister and also patient enough to take care of her split personality. Even knowing that Reign tells lies, he gives Reign his full trust and rely on her even though her unpredictable split personality often makes his plans useless. he sometimes feels uncomfortable when speak with adults, but has no problems with someone around his age and under.
    Other:He has Dragon Blood in his veins, makes him excel in fire magic and also makes him fire-proof. Kids and animals like him and feels comfortable around him. He hates coffee.

    Re: :Bullet For Prisoner: [OPEN | Accepting]
    Link | by Lando on 2011-09-03 10:20:52

    Name : Alia Valenberg
    Nickname : Ice Princess
    Age : 17
    Gender : Female
    Species : Kveria Fae
    Orientation : Hetero
    Pair Name : Lesath/Lock
    Personality : Cheerful, rarely turns serious, likes to play alot.
    Other :
    - A mix breed of Frost Elemental and Shapeshifter. She excels in Ice magics, her ability in shapeshifting is limited.
    - Tristessa's neighbor, she likes to tease him by turning into a dog and chases him away.
    - She is currently staying with her brother that is the opposite of her.

    Re: :Bullet For Prisoner: [OPEN | Accepting]
    Link | by misanouta on 2011-09-05 17:53:53
    [[Okay, we just neeed either two more characters, or two more players and we can begin!]]

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    Re: :Bullet For Prisoner: [OPEN | Accepting]
    Link | by Nime on 2012-06-09 09:42:03 (edited 2012-06-10 08:43:04)
    Hi, I'm interested in this roleplay. However, I have a question... what exactly are the differences between the Locks and Keys? (From my understanding, Locks are more aggressive, while Keys are generally more passive. Is this correct?) Also, I am in Asia at the moment with a timezone of UTC+08:00, so there might be some delay between your posts and mine.

    [Appearance] Kei is very petite for a 20 year old male (he is around 4'8), and he is a little sensitive about his height. It doesn't help that he looks androgynous, with long, unruly reddish hair streaked with black and a fairly delicate build. He wears a bracelet with prayer beads on his right hand, with one of the beads as his hoshi-no-tama (spirit jewel) in disguise. His amber eyes are almost disturbingly large, but aside from that his features are quite aristocratic.

    [Name] Kei Minamoto

    [Age] 20

    [Gender] Male

    [Species] Kveria Fae [Dullahan/Kitsune]

    [Orientation] Pan-romantic asexual (Gender and sex are irrelevant in determining whether he will be romantically attracted to someone; he also doesn't really care much for sexual activities.)

    [Pair Name and Position] Vega; Key

    [Personality] He is calm and reserved towards most things, unless it involves his mother, his father, or his Lock. He is very protective of his mother, but has a sour relationship with his father. This is mainly due to his father being away for extended periods of time ever since Kei was a child. It also doesn't help that his father never called him or his mother by name; besides, someone always dies whenever his father stops by their neighborhood.

    He lives with his mother, next door to Valentine, and has a love-hate relationship with his Lock. This is mainly due to Valentine's prickly exterior, and while Kei understands that Valentine has the tendency to berate those he feels closest to, Kei also thinks this attitude is - for lack of a better word - dishonest. Still, he kind of enjoys their bickering, and he knows that they will always be there for each other when things get ugly. (Although Kei still hasn't quite forgiven Valentine for snarking at him when his girlfriend broke up with him via voice mail a few months ago.)

    [Other] Thanks to his mixed ancestry, Kei is capable of shapeshifting (his preferred morph is a red fox) and summoning small fireballs; he is also quite agile. Also, normal barriers such as locked gates or fences cannot keep him out, and it's relatively easy for him to break out of magical barriers. He can also sense when people are about to die, but feels compelled to stand still in front of them until they died. He is vulnerable to gold (he breaks out in rashes if he touches it), and he hates it when strangers watch him using his magic to the point that he struggles to perform the most basic tasks under their gaze. Additionally, part of his magical essence is sealed in a jewel. If the jewel is taken away and kept out of his sight, he will die within a week.

    With the exception of his weakness to gold and the limitations of his spirit jewel, his other weaknesses are at least partly psychosomatic (which means he could, in theory, go to therapy/get over the psychological stress or being watched and standing still until people die. But he will need time to be rid of those inconveniences.)

    He likes horses, but doesn't really care for black stallions, as they remind him of his father. He is also an amazingly bad gardener.

    He prefers tea over coffee, but adds a ton of sugar to both. He also likes fried tofu a lot.

    His favorite activity on a rainy day is to curl up on the sofa with a thick book about Natrallis, be it fiction or non-fiction, because a world without mundane things like magic is pretty hard to imagine.

    Re: :Bullet For Prisoner: [OPEN | Accepting]
    Link | by inaby on 2012-06-09 19:21:12 (edited 2012-06-10 17:44:10)

    First Name Robbin
    Last Name Knights
    Nickname Rabbit
    Age 21
    Gender Female
    Species Human | Daemon
    Orientation Straight
    Pair Name Electra | Key

    Personality She appears as a 16 year old girl very beautiful. Usually wears a schoolgirl uniform Very Polite. She is gentle and is not very malicious, She tends to hide her true fillings, and avoid conflict with her partner even thou things end up in a Riot. She is talented in cleaning and Playing the Piano.
    Other Her abilities excel in Black coloured Pyrokinesis

    Re: :Bullet For Prisoner: [OPEN | Accepting]
    Link | by deathmaster0 on 2012-06-23 15:11:06
    This certainly looks like fun. Count me in if your gonna still accept people.


    [Wearing all black but his clothes are inscribed with white demonic spell circles and runes. They serve as a means of spell protection so he doesn't accidentally burn them off when using his powers or hit by something else. It doesn't have any other effect.]

    Name:Kaiser Adriel (Introduces himself as Kai though)
    Nickname: Walking Shadow
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Demon 90%/Human 10%
    Orientation :Straight
    Pair :Sol/Lock
    Personality: He is generally quiet amongst everyone unless his key is around. Due to the large amount of demon blood within him he gives off a cold dark aura that scares most away. He is afraid of being alone due to this and does try to make friends but usually fails by scaring them away with the cold look he keeps up on his face. His key is the only one that isn't afraid of him on first glance. He no longer keeps contact with his parents due to the jealousy they had towards his ability as a demon. He is extremely protective of his key and will hunt anyone down to the ends of the world for so much as making them cry. He feels that his only place in life is by his Key's side and that he would be dead without them.

    Other: -He has a pair of gauntlets and greaves that he can enchant with a burning black flame to add a more power to his abilities. He can easily summon them when needed
    - He can use several demon abilities (such as summoning familiars and demon magic) But refuses to use them unless he has to (if he or his key's life is in danger basicly)
    - Favorite color is white but wears black because he believes it suits him best]

    I wont die yet. You on the other hand might wanna start thinking of your last words

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