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D.M.C. Inc. - Chapter 1:Reassembly [OPEN/STARTED]
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D.M.C. Inc.

Chapter 1: Reassembly

D.M.C.(Band Version) by Rungran

You've heard of it, haven't you? The legend of Sparda? Long ago, in ancient times, a demon rebelled against his own kind for the sake of the human race. With his sword, he shut the portal to the demonic realm and sealed the evil entity off from our human world. He defeated countless devils who stood in his way including Mundus, the Lord of the Underworld. But since he was a demon himself, his power was also trapped on the other side. Sparda's activities over the next two thousand years are shrouded in legend, though it is understood that for a time after defeating Mundus, he ruled over the humans. Sparda later appeared in the twentieth century where he met and fell in love with a human woman named Eva, who bore him twin sons. Dante and Vergil.

However, the twins were starkly different, and almost derived a sick pleasure from fighting each other. At one of their childhood birthdays, their mother Eva each gave them half of the Perfect Amulet which serves as a key to the Demon World. Some time later, she was killed by demons sent by Mundus; this event was presumably the cause of their current personalities, though they both reacted to it in vastly different ways...

Dante, the younger son, almost always wears a red, leather outfit, and is somewhat loud and abrasive. He often makes jokes in tense situations, and has a laid-back personality that is often described as lazy. He also seems to enjoy being flamboyant. Dante became a Devil Hunter in order to "get revenge on the scum who murdered [his] family", and this hatred of the demonic has extended as far as a complete denial of his father

Vergil, the older son, instead wears a blue outfit seemingly made of silk and velvet. While Dante is impulsive and loud, Vergil is ruthless and withdrawn. He also tends to have his hair slicked back into several sharp points, much like Sparda himself. Whereas Dante focuses on protecting others, Vergil is obsessed with obtaining power. Vergil seems to believe that his mother was killed because she was human and weak, and so became obsessed with gaining more power, going so far as to possesses an extreme dislike, bordering on a denial of his human half, preferring to consider himself a demon.

However, the twins were separated, and Dante believed Vergil to have died.


The Story So Far

Dante's Awakening
Vergil appears and teams up with a man named Arkham. They conspired to raise the Temen-ni-guru. Temen-ni-gru is a tower built by disciples of the demon clan, meant as a path from the Human World to the Underworld. It was sealed away, underground, by Sparda two thousand years ago when he sealed the gate between the two worlds, in a complex ritual requiring him to confiscate the names of fallen angels representing the seven deadly sins, imprison the tower's five gatekeepers, seal away Leviathan as well as his own demonic power, split the Perfect Amulet allowing passage between the worlds, and sacrifice both his blood and that of a human priestess.

Vergil "invited" Dante to join him via a demon attack. Soon, Dante reaches the tower's summit and battles Vergil. Vergil emerges victorious by stabbing Dante with his own sword. He takes Dante's half of the amulet and departs. Because Rebellion has "tasted" Dante's blood, his dormant devil powers emerge and soon sets off in pursuit of Vergil. Dante eventually catches up to Vergil in the control room, who apparently can't reactivate the tower. Vergil battles Dante in hopes that more of Sparda's blood will make the tower reactivate, in which he implies this blood to be of his brother's. They seem evenly matched until they are interrupted by Lady, Arkham's daughter after which the brothers are wounded and weak.

Arkham later reveals his true nature in that he has manipulated all 3 of them as all of their blood was needed. He activates the tower and crosses over to the Demon realm with Dante in pursuit. He eventually catches up and defeats him with the help of Vergil. Dante and Vergil then battle over ownership of the Force Edge and the halves of the amulet. After an epic battle, Dante is victorious. As the portal closes, Vergil decides to stay behind, falls then vanishes into the darkness with a half of the amulet.

Returning to the human world, Dante meets Lady outside the tower where she coins the phrase "devil may cry" while trying to comfort Dante over the loss of his brother. They form a friendship and the beginnings of a partnership in demon-slaying. He later on names his shop "Devil May Cry".

The Devil's Fate
Dante is attacked in his office by a mysterious woman named Trish. He impresses her by easily brushing off her assault. She says the attack was a test, and that the demon emperor Mundus, whom Dante holds responsible for the deaths of his family, is planning a return. Dante meets and defeats several of Mundus's generals including the Nero Angelo. Later it is revealed that the Nero Angelo was Dante's brother Vergil who had fought and lost to Mundus before being corrupted. After losing to Dante a third time, he disappears leaving behind his piece of their mothers amulet.

When Dante next meets Trish, she betrays him and reveals that she too is working for Mundus. But when her life is endangered, Dante chooses to save her. Saying he only did so because of her resemblance to his mother, he warns her to stay away. Yet when he finally confronts Mundus, who is about to kill Trish, Dante again chooses to save her and is injured. Mundus tries to finish him off, but Trish takes the attack instead. Dante becomes enraged and unleashes his full power. An epic battle begins.

Dante is victorious, and leaves the amulet and sword with Trish's immobile body before departing. Later Mundus returns and corners Dante, who is now greatly weakened, before he can flee the island; but Trish comes in time and lends Dante her power. Dante defeats Mundus, who vows to return and rule the human world. When Trish tries to apologize she begins to cry, and Dante tells her it means she has become human and not just a devil, because "devils never cry". Dante and Trish escape on a plane as the island collapses. Later, it is revealed that Dante and Trish are working together as partners, and have renamed the shop "Devil Never Cry"

The Daily Happenings of A Certain Shop
Dante spends the next few years running his shop (which he renamed back) while constantly in debts. Dante also befriends a man named Morrison who eventually acts as his agent of sorts and tries to help him manage his debts. He also meets a young girl named Patty Lowell and after helping her in a mission has since been spending a lot of time with Dante, whether he likes it or not. She turned out to be a descendant of a powerful magician who sealed the devil Abigail. A week demon named Sid later used Patty to obtain the powers of Abigail.

By performing a ritual, he opens a gate from the demon world to the human world, and impales Dante with Rebellion in the demon world. Dante, having been awakened by Patty, goes after Sid and kills him in his Devil Trigger state. Patty often cleans Dante's office when he's not around and is accepted as a close friend despite the age difference.

Fortune's Edge
A year later, everything was set into motion when Lady came to Dante's office, offering a job. She told him about the Order of the Sword—a small congregation in the castle town of Fortuna, which worships Sparda—much to Dante's surprise. She also said that although peaceful worship can't be condemned, the Order's members recently started catching demons and collecting Devil Arms, interfering with her work. Trish, who was present and heard all this, departed with the Sparda sword, leaving a "see you there" message written in lipstick on the wall. There was nothing for Dante to do but to go to Fortuna after her.

Later it is revealed that the Order's increased activity was because of The Savior — a giant artificial demon created by the Order, which is only controllable with Sparda's blood and sword. They started creating smaller copies of the true Hell Gate, which they powered with the gathered Devil Arms. These were needed to harvest demons in order to power The Savior, as well as to lure Dante to Fortuna. It seems that Dante became aware of their plan, most likely through Trish, who disguised herself and handed over the Sparda sword to infiltrate the Order.

Dante makes his entrance in Fortuna through the roof of the Opera House during the Festival of the Blade, executing the town's vicar Sanctus and slaying several Holy Knights who try to subdue him. Nero, one of the Holy Knights, enraged that his love-interest Kyrie has been endangered, interrupts Dante and keeps him busy until Kyrie and her brother Credo can escape. After a brief fight with Nero, Dante reveals to him that the slain knights were actually demons, and leaves with a cryptic message to Nero

Nero finally confronts Dante within the Order's headquarters, but Nero no longer seeks to capture Dante because he has been betrayed by the Order. However, Dante challenges him for his brother's sword, Yamato, which Nero now possesses. After an intense battle, Nero at last gets the upper hand, but then Dante easily knocks Nero down, making Nero realize that Dante has been playing with him from the beginning. Dante explains that Yamato is the key to the Demon World, but allows Nero to continue using the sword because Nero needs it to rescue Kyrie.

However, Nero is absorbed by the Order's partly awakened The Savior, which is controlled by the revived Sanctus. Credo is mortally wounded trying to stop Sanctus, and the Yamato is taken by the Order's scientist, Agnus, to open the true Hell Gate in Fortuna. At the dying Credo's request, Dante follows The Savior back to town to rescue Nero and Kyrie after sending Trish to help the citizens escape to safety. Along the way, he kills several Devils and destroys the gates they emerge from.

Once he returns to the Opera House where this all began, he finds Agnus. The two fight, ending with Dante killing Agnus. Dante recovers the Yamato, closes the Hell Gate, and destroys it. This catches the attention of Sanctus, who attempts to kill Dante using The Savior. However, Dante is able to weaken The Savior enough that he can reawaken Nero by returning the Yamato to him. Dante continues to distract The Savior while Nero tracks down Sanctus and slays him. Nero succeeds and breaks free of The Savior with Kyrie and the Sparda in his hands.

When the battle is finally over, Nero thanks Dante for his help. Afterwards, he attempts to return the Yamato to Dante, but tells him to keep it. Nero asks if he will meet Dante again, but Dante leaves while stating, "We'll Keep in touch".

Climax and Annihilation
About ten years later, Dante and a woman named Lucia separately enter a museum where an important item called the Arcana Medaglia is stored. After defeating a group of demons in the museum, Lucia invites Dante to follow her to the Dumary Island, where he is introduced to Matier, her mother. Matier explains that she once fought alongside Dante's father, Sparda, to defend the island against demons. She asks Dante to help fight Arius, an international businessman who uses demonic power and seeks to conquer the world.

Lucia eventually confronts Arius, who reveals that she was his creation. When Lucia moves to strike Arius, he uses his magic to blast her away and captures her. Dante arrives and trades the Arcana for Lucia, then attacks Arius. To escape, Arius forces Dante to decide between saving Lucia or killing him. Lucia, worried about the ritual and conflicted about herself, wonders how they will stop Arius. Dante waves her off, stating he will find a way. Dante leaves Lucia to think as he departs to defeat Arius. Matier arrives a short time later, sets Lucia's mind at ease, and decides to rejoin the fight against Arius.

Dante arrives to find Arius in the middle of his immortality-inducing ritual. Apparently not at all phased by the completion of the ceremony, Dante stands confident. Another fight ensues, in which Dante finishes Arius off with his pistols. Outside, Lucia confronts Dante and demands that he kill her because she fears she will become a demon herself. Before the issue can be resolved, a large stream of energy strikes the tower and a portal to the demon world is opened. Dante and Lucia argue over who will enter and close it from the inside; Dante offers to leave the issue up to fate. He flips the coin and it once again lands on heads, leaving Dante to enter the portal to deal with Argosax after leaving the coin with Lucia.

After Dante departs, Arius returns to life bearing demonic power. While Lucia fights Arius, he finds himself injured and attempts to distract her, a tactic which fails; Lucia goes on to defeat him. Within the portal, Dante fights and defeats the partially summoned Argosax and the Despair Embodied.

Finding the portal closed, Dante instead drives further into the demon realm on a motorcycle. But this has massive consequences...

Final Hour
This couldn’t have happened at a more inconvenient time, for six months later...Utter chaos expanded over the Human World, locations in which nexuses once resided reappeared and with the son of Sparda missing, natural order went to shit and all those killed, came back.

Without the Devil Hunter anywhere to be seen or heard of, seven juggernaut level devils joined together under one leader to form the Council of Legion. These seven powerful Devil Generals now have enacted a plan they call the Final Hour.

They will be conducting an all out war by bringing their armies to the plan of humans. To do so, they need to open several Hell Gates which will allow them to do so. And with Dante incapacitated, the timing could not be better. But none of them knew about Dante's contingency plan...

D.M.C. Inc.
During the past 10 years, he had traveled the world and along the way of slaying demons, he found others like him and Virgil. Half-demons, devil touched, strong humans and kindred Devils. Dante took the time to help them all stabilize their lives and powers while giving an offer. He offered all of them a chance to open and run a branch of Devil May Cry in their respective countries.

With Morison's help this then became known as Devil May Cry Incorporated aka D.M.C. Inc.

Now, 6 months after Dante's disappearance, a mysterious individual only known as "Ligrev" has appeared. He recalled ALL of the young Devil Hunters to the main Devil My Cry HQ in Miami, Florida. And now the story continues...


Demons are the primary lifeforms of the Demon World, although their exact nature is unclear. Demons have a range of shapes and sizes, and usually follow a power-based hierarchy.

Demons are supernaturally superior to normal humans, and are able to perform supernatural feats with ease. The abilities of demons are greatly varied, both in nature and in power. Demons usually seems to possess powers that are based on a certain element, such as fire or lightning. After a demon is killed, it is sometimes possible to absorb that demon's life force and manifest their power or transform it into a weapon known as a "Devil Arm". Though demons possess supernatural powers and abilities beyond that of any mortal, that does not prevent humans from being able to fight and even kill a demon (though humans with enough skills to do so seem to be very rare and have spent much of their life training to do so).

Demons are generally very selfish, self-righteous, and cruel, and often seek to increase their own power or influence. Very rarely do demons ever show remorse or pity, particularly when regarding humans. However, there are some cases where they will show regret or remorse, especially if a close friend or relative or theirs dies.

Devils are a higher caliber of monster, you could say they're the monsters even monsters fear to cross. A skilled mortal could possibly fend off an army of lesser demons on their own with the appropriate spells and armaments, but all it would take is one blow for a Devil to dispatch him, and the very army he'd been fighting.

There are Devils who are part of D.M.C. Inc. but they are not allowed to run a branch alone. As such they are normally teamed with a human or Half-Devil.

Devils normally use only melee weapons but are able to use magic to attack from far.

Men and women who has one parent who is human and one who is a demon/devil. In the past, demons spawned half-breeds in an effort to create demonic creatures native to the material plane. The long-term intent was to create a host of half-breeds capable of opening the doors to the Abyss, thereby letting their parents, and many others, roam the Material Plane freely. It was soon realized, however, that virtually all of their children took after their mortal parents with regards to disposition. Those few who remained true to their unmortal parent’s teachings were hunted and destroyed, usually by the hand of a “brother” or “sister” in the company of other mortal humanoids.

Demon half-breeds favor the appearance of their mortal parent. They posses the ability to activate a "Devil Trigger". While in Devil Trigger, the user will assume their true, demonic form. In this form, many of the character's attributes are amplified, and the character may have access to upgrades or even additions to their normal abilities like flying or hovering.

Half-Devils often use only one melee weapon (often a Devil Arm) and one ranged weapon at a time. They can change weapons but have to discard their previous ones.

Even ordinary humans have also taken up the fight against demons. Most of them have had a painful past involving demons which caused them to take up this role. They are often weaker then Devils and most Demons but make up for it with their sheer versatility and immunity from anti-demonic items. Some humans have been "devil touched" meaning they came into extremely close contact with a demon that left a mark on them allowing them some spiritual power. They also can use a more variety of weapons.

Humans can also use Devil Arms but not for a long period as they have to battle with the imprisoned soul for dominance.

Combat Style
Styles are specialized movesets unique to a particular individual. Demons are unable to use styles but Humans and Half-Devils can. The common styles are:

* Trickster - It emphasizes quick dodges and maneuvers. Techniques such as parkour come very easily to a practitioner of this style.

* Swordmaster -It emphasizes mastery of different Devil Arms and maximization of their elemental power. Users of this style normally are slightly weaker in using ranged attacks.

* Gunslinger - It emphasizes mastery of different guns and maximization of their technique. Users of this style normally are slightly weaker in using melee attacks.

* Royalguard - It emphasizes minimization and countering of enemy attacks. This provides a high defense at the cost of a low attack.

* Quicksilver - A time-controlling style. It allows one to move at lightning quick speeds relative to enemies and the environment.

* Doppelganger - A shadow-controlling style that allows one to create copies of himself to assist in battle. The Doppelganger wields the gun and Devil Arm equipped when it was created, and performs those weapons' analogues to whichever actions Dante the user performs.

* Dark Slayer - Usage of the use the power of darkness and teleportation. As well as fast, battoujutsu-style attacks.

* Personal - A style developed personally by the individual instead of being taught by Dante.




-One of the two sons of Sparda and the original founder of Devil May Cry.
-He is a master Devil Hunter that is almost unbeatable.
-Currently he is missing after being trapped in the demon world while fighting Argosax the Chaos.
-His basic weapons are his father's memento sword: Rebellion and two handguns: Ebony and Ivory.


-Vergil is the older son of Sparda with a dislike of humans.
-He once attempted to open a portal to the Demon World but was stopped by Dante and subsequently trapped in the Demon World where he was forced into the thrall of Mundus.
-He later appeared as the Nelo Angelo, one of Mundus's generals during his attempted comeback but was defeated again by Dante.
-His previous weapon was a katana named Yamato which was a memento give to him by his father. This katana is now in the possession of Nero, The head of the Fortuna DMC Branch.
-He has been missing for several years with many suspicions that he is dead...or is he?


-Dante's partner at the HQ Branch of DMC Inc. and a former servant of Mundus.
-She is a pure Devil who is fighting against her own species to save humans.
-Since Dante's disappearance she has taken over the HQ branch with Lucia's help to try and maintain some order.
-Her weapons are the Sword of Sparda and two handguns named Luce & Ombra.
-She also uses lightning elemental attacks.


-Real name is Mary. She is the daughter of Arkham who conspired with Vergil to open a portal to the Demon World.
-She is a Devil Hunter but with no set branch. She often helped out Dante with missions and loaned him money.
-Currently she is doing her best to help stem the havoc that has issued from Dante's disappearance.
-Lady mostly uses ranged weapons to fight. Her favorite weapon is the Kalina Ann, her rocket launcher.


-An artificial Devil created by the sorcerer, Arius.
-After Dante's disappearance from helping her, she has taken up the responsibility of running the main branch of DMC with Trish's help.
-Lucia fights with a pair of cutlasses and throwing dagers.


-A former member of the Order of the Sword, Nero now runs the Fortuna branch of DMC with assistance from his wife, Kyrie.
-his weapons are a revolver named Blue Rose, his mutated arm called the Devil Bringer and Vergil's former sword: Yamato. He also owns another sword called the Red Queen but does not use it as often anymore.


Hello everyone, Roxas here with yet another new RP> By now yo have guessed, this RP is based on the Devil May Cry Series of games and anime. I already described the story above so newcomers know what they are getting into. Now to clarify things, this story is taking place in the times line 10 years after DMC4 and 6 months after DMC2. it is a continuation of the series.

Everyone here has been recalled by the HQ Branch of DMC Inc. so we will be starting our posting with everyone arriving in Miami. How you all wish to get to said city is entirely up to you to describe. The mysterious "Ligrev" is the one who recalled us but don't worry, we will see him very very quickly. Now remember, most of your characters do not know each other due to living in other countries. They all know Dante and occasionally either Trish or Lady.

Good luck and PM me with any questions.


1.) All normal City rules apply.
2.) No God-modding (even if we are all mostly half devils) or power-playing. Imbalanced PCs and Mary Sues will be shot: survivors will be shot again, then fed to Mundus.
3.) Avoid one-line or unintelligible posts. I'm not strict on the use of language so long as everyone can understand your writing.
4.) No killing characters without my permission (and the permission of the killee).
5.) Up to two characters per player only.
6.) If you're going to quit or take an extended leave of absence, please PM me.
7.) If you have any ideas for the plot or have any questions, please PM me. I also accept criticism and any violent reactions you may have.
8.) Rule of Cool: If it's awesome and it makes the story even better, it's allowed. This means that you can dual-wield chainsaw swords while surfing on the hood of a Lamborghini Diablo as you fight a giant kraken in the lost city of Atlantis, so long as it moves the story forward and isn't outright power-playing bullcrap.
9.) Romance, whether it's hetero, yaoi or yuri is perfectly allowed; however, keep it to a PG-13 level. Please.
10.) Have fun!


NAME: (First/Last)
AGE: (Minimum 18 as Dante has been traveling for 10 years)
ROLE: (Devil/Half-Devil/Human)
D.M.C. Branch: (The location of your branch. Most countries have only 1 but larger countries like America have several.)
Style: (What style they use. Those with a personal style please describe it and if possible provide a weakness for it.)
POWER/S: Only for Devils (Up to 3). Half Devil can access only during devil trigger (up to 2). Only Devil Touched humans can use (1 only)
BIO: (Be creative here. Mysterious/dark and tragic pasts are fine. Try to include how you met Dante.)
RANGED WEAPON: (Explained in the earlier Glossary. Providing an image for it is fine as well. Remember Devils don't often use ranged weapons.)
MELEE WEAPON: (Explained in Glossary. Provide an image if possible. Please Mention if it is a Devil Arm or not and try not to have to many of those. Those with Devil Arm's PLEASE describe it's powers.)
APPEARANCE: (Picture/written description of your character. Those with Devil Trigger Include one as well.)
EXTRA: (Optional: anything else about your character, possessions, etc.)


Charlotte Dunois - Roxas
Souken Himura - Roxas
Harry James Potter - Roxas
Vice Langley - SRT
Vincent Von Lynden Blacksville - Frozen
Valvatorez Niktorez - Enix
Hikaru Seki - Shining Blaze
Snake Valentine - Snake
Kruser Valentine - Snake

NAME: Charlotte Dunois
GENDER: Female
AGE: 19
HOBBIES: Farming and Surfing the internet.
ROLE: Half-Devil
D.M.C. Branch: Japan (Tokyo)

Style: Warp Sniper - A combination of Gunslinger and a modified Dark Slayer. She uses her control over space to its fullest, bending her attribute to teleport, warp her shots, and levitate upside down. With this style, Charlotte does not even have to aim at her enemies to hit them. Instead, she can simply fire anywhere she wishes and open spatial rifts to redirect the shots towards her targets.

a) Rapid Switch - Charlotte stores her weapons into a sub space where she is able to retrieve them at any instant allowing her to immediately change weapons to suit the situation.

b) Rain of Saturday - Manipulates the sub space around her targets into a small area and she unleashes a barrage of attacks from her weapons from all possible directions.

PERSONALITY: Charlotte is very kind and polite towards everybody. She does not like to lie to anyone. She enjoys teasing people and is actually very perceptive.

BIO: She was born as a daughter of a rich female head of a family. Her family felt that she would bring down her family name due to being born out of wedlock and as such they abandoned her in Japan. She was often left to scrape a living until she met Dante who saved her from a demon who can a child racket. Dante helped her to stabilize her powers and she accepted his offer to be a part of D.M.C. Inc. Interestingly, she is not the head of the Japan Branch. She is the vice-chairman of this particular branch.

1. Vent - .55 cal assault rifle with detachable magazines that hold up to 16 rounds each.
2. Garm - .61 cal sub machine gun capable of firing a non-explosive cluster round in addition to conventional ammunition.
3. Takin' Care of Business - .62 cal dual barreled heavy shotgun.
4. Gray Scale - a CQC pilebunker-type weapon, which is a pointed battering ram propelled by blank rounds stored in a revolver-type magazine for rapid firing.
5. White Feather - A grenade launcher.
6. Starry Sky (Devil Arm) - A Devil Arm in the form of an advanced sniper rifle, that uses a series of electromagnetic coils to energize and magnetize a pre-loaded standard projectile round at tremendous speed. It is able to deal devastating damage but when switched to automatic mode, it fires lasers at a faster rate but with less penetration.

MELEE WEAPON: A simple Japanese tanto.


EXTRA: Charlotte always carries with her a necklace with a picture of herself and the head of the Tokyo Branch. Within it is the Space Heart, a gem that allows her to devil trigger.

NAME: Souken Himura
AGE: 26
HOBBIES: Runs a Kendo school in his spare time, fishing and Loves to surf the internet.
ROLE: Human (Devil Touched)
D.M.C. Branch: Tokyo, Japan (Head of Branch)

Style: Swordmaster

POWER/S: Hunter's Instincts - Having being a devil hunter for over 15 years, Souken's experience is unmatched by most. It is almost impossible to sneak up on him as he posses a very high perception of his surroundings. Also, he can easily dodge attacks and after seeing an attack once, his dodge chance increases. Souken also has a very high chance to strike an enemy's critical areas to deal more damage. This chance increases with each subsequent critical attack. After 5 attacks, his critical chance is 100%. He can detect even minute details that others would miss in a situation. He is always aware of his surroundings and able to navigate through areas and crowds easily allowing him to have a very good sense of direction. He also get a speed boost when chasing an enemy.

PERSONALITY: Souken's policy is, "Turn no one away." He has helped several others in Japan after Dante's departure and does not turn down request for help and sanctuary. He is often found wandering the branch and causing minor mischief to keep everyone on their toes. When it comes down to the line, he is the one everyone can depend on.

BIO: Souken is one of the oldest members of D.M.C. Inc. and has been hunting demons for over 15 years. He was originally an orphan who lived in an orphanage off the side of Sendai. One Christmas night they allowed a stranger in whom was seeking shelter from the freezing cold. The stranger was a devil in disguise who proceeded to slaughter everyone there. He left Souken alive with a mocking grin and the words: "Why so serious?". After spending several years doing what he could, he was found by Dante, who proceeded to teach him the swordsmaster style.

Souken later opened the Japan branch of D.M.C. Inc. and was astounded to find that there were so many others like him in Japan alone. His strong leadership and good personally has drawn others to him who he happily accepted into the branch.

RANGED WEAPON: Malice and Spite. Twin sub-machine guns as he sucks in shooting and prefers the spay until dead policy.

1. Kanshou and Byakuya - Twin silver blades forged using Souken's blood as a base. The provide an increase resistance in physical and magical damage for the wielder

2. Frostmourne (Devil Arm) - A devil arm in the form of a runeblade taken from the soul of a mighty devil called the Lich King. It is a focus of the element of ice. Frostmourne also has the ability to drain life from its victims — and to drain the soul of anyone whom it connects to making it a very dangerous weapon for its wielder. Souken does not like using this blade due to the extremely high corruptive abilities of it.


EXTRA: Eventhrough he is human, Souken is more then powerful enough to keep his branch members in line should they cross it.

NAME: Harry James Potter
AGE: 19
HOBBIES: Reading and annoying the NYPD
ROLE: Half-Devil
D.M.C. Branch: New York City

Style: Magic Numbers - Before he transformed, Harry was a wizard and his magic remained by his side even after ascending. Harry is able to use magic easily in his ranged attacks causing others to confuse him for a devil. In melee combat, he uses magic to increases his combat ability.

a) Razzle Dazzle - Grants him an abnormal connection with the element of lightning. He is one of the most powerful lightning element users around.

b) Witching Hour - A reality marble only accessible during devil trigger. It creates glowing pieces that split into geometric shapes. They fly out and create a tower of rings, and mana connects them together in rows. They spread out a black energy shielding the rest of the area from view. From the outside, it resembles a black cylinder. Within this area, Harry's ranged attacks have a 100% chance of connecting as he can control their paths to fire wherever he wants. They also deal higher damage and often do not follow the normal rules of reality and physics while in this state.



RANGED WEAPON: Harry does not use guns, he uses glaives for ranged attacks similar to below.

1. Kurikara (Devil Arm) - A katana that allows him to control incredibly destructive bright blue flames. It also allows him to use a devil trigger.

2. Azzinoth (Devil Arm) - Twin warglaives embed with demonic plasma energy.

(Azzinoth + Harry's Devil Trigger)


EXTRA: He owns a pet snowy owl and a pet snake.

Re: D.M.C. Inc. - Chapter 1:Reassembly [OPEN/STARTED]
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Woohoo~! first post! What is this? DMC side story? I'm in!

NAME: Vice Langley
GENDER: male
AGE: 20
HOBBIES: sight seeing, surfing Internet on phone
ROLE: Human (devil touched)
D.M.C. Branch: Eastern United States
Style:Long-Range Sniping-Using his beloved AS50 sniper, he has broken world records for distance of snipeing(2miles)

POWER: Special Bullet development-can create special bullets with demonic energy and is not limited on the caliber size. This also means his power supply is an extra ammunition supply.(currently the most he can make at once is 10 of .50BMGs.)

PERSONALITY:strong willed and smart

BIO: Been working in the U.S. millitary for several years as a ace sniper. on one of his missions, he was attacked by a Devil.He did not stand a chance against the devil with nor mal bullets he had in possetion. That is when Dante came slay the Devil as his job. After slaying the devil, Dante noticed that the Vice has been touched by the devil
And was in voted to join the DMC.

RANGED WEAPONE: .50BMG AS50 Semi-Auto Sniper
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Thompson Center Contender single shot pistol caliber:22 Hornet barrel:14"
Known to be one of the most accurate handguns in the world,Vice uses this gun as his resort when his AS-50 is not available.
Thompson Center Contender 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

Land Glaser(Devil Arm):a cannon that fires pure destructive energy that will vaporize anything within sight. Draw backs are that it takes a long time to charge and drains Vice's stamina a lot.

MELEE WEAPON: Energy Knife-uses plasma to temporally increase the shapness(5-10seconds) after that, it's a normal combat knife.plasma knife Pictures, Images and Photos

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Re: D.M.C. Inc. - Chapter 1:Reassembly [OPEN/STARTED]
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NAME: Vincent Von Lynden Blacksville
AGE: 20
HOBBIES: Looking at the sky, eating milk products.
ROLE: Half-Devil
D.M.C. Branch: Great Britain
Style: Personal

His ability to use a gun and sword is equally balanced. He learned multiple fighting styles by sight when he witnessed Dante fight. He improved on these styles for more efficiency during battle. He also uses fighting styles similar to his sister when using a gun. His style with the sword was secretly taught by Kiba Keiji Walker at a young age.

Neglect: He may choose to cancel or temporarily remove the ability of an enemy or ally.
Superhuman abilities (speed & strength)

PERSONALITY: Always interested in a fight but usually very relaxed.
BIO: He has a mysterious past but, he is not related to the Blacksville family by blood, instead he was adopted at an early age. But he is the only person who knows of this since Amily and Lexus Blacksville have deceased. The only thing that marks him part of the Blacksville family is the family crest on his two non-alchemic hunting pistols.

When he was young, his guardians died (Amily and Lexus). He saw his remaining family in pain, but not physically. He tried to calm her but nothing worked. At age 16, he discovered that he wasn't human and this triggered his awakening. His body turned into a level 4 creature that went on a rampage. He resisted, but the urge for power nearly took over his mind. Amelia who stopped the craft contract saved him.

When he was sixteen, he hired Dante to eliminate several level four classified demons. The purpose was to observe how they would be easily slain. At first, Dante had trouble eliminating them as they only grew in number. But both Von and Dante had fun participating, watching and fighting. Dante eventually killed the demons and receive his large payment.

When he was eighteen, he had been dragged into the underworld and fought at Tartaurus for two years before returning to the surface. There, he had obtained weapons and relics that follow him.


Gungrave Ceberus Twin Handguns


Sword of Lexus a sword that cannot be broken and has the ability to create portals when fully swung.

Mirror of Fragments: Seperate personalities into different beings

Campe: Two gaunlets that produces flames

Cronus: A spear that is able to extend to an infinte reach. Can also grapple onto objects.

Gehenna: Two long swords with souls of all the cursed sealed within them.
EXTRA: His superhuman abilities have half their effect when he isn’t in devil trigger mode. He also wears a mask that amplifies his demonic power when devil trigger isn't active during combat.


Re: D.M.C. Inc. - Chapter 1:Reassembly [OPEN/STARTED]
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Name: Valvatorez Niktorez

Nickname/Title: Pecto Venatus

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Nationality: American/Asian

Hobbies: Listening to music, hunting demons and devils, and playing card games.

Role: Devil

DMC Branch: None

Style: Personal - Witch Time - A combination of Trickster and Quicksilver. However, the ability of Quicksilver can only be activated upon split-second dodging.

*The Darkness - Surrounds the user in darkness, this gives the user 50% boost of all stats once activated.
*Dimensional Cards - Allows the user to his hand in another dimension. The user can also view and put the card into the dimenisonal space or use them from there.

Personality: He is the loner type, always stays by himself and keeps to himself. However, he still cares for others but will only help them in extreme dangers.

Bio: He once loved travelling between the human world and the demon world after the defeat of Mundus. 4 years ago after DMC4 and a month after Argosax's defeat, he met Dante for the first time during his travels in the demon world. He challenged Dante to a fight to see how strong he is and to his expectations, Valvatorez lost. Dante left his sword, the Rebellion, as a farewell present and the words "Maybe we'll meet again in the human world" as Dante walks off further into the demon world. Unknown to Valvatorez, Dante was trapped in the demon world after the fight with Argosax. He arrived at the human world 3 years later and find it in chaos. He looks around for information on the area he arrived at and finds out it's Miami, Florida.

Ranged Weapon: Devils Arm - Gun Mysticus Mortis - Powerful gun that can fire like a 16 calibur magnum and can also fire a big beam blast for the cost of the whole clip.

Melee Weapon: Devils Arms: Rebellion - Give to him from Dante. Valvatorez keeps it in a card form so that he can use it if draw.
Devils Arm - Stega - Allows any kind of playing or trading cards to be used for attacks. It can bring the abilities of the cards into life.


Re: D.M.C. Inc. - Chapter 1:Reassembly [OPEN/STARTED]
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Honestly, I love this concept. I will post a character in a bit once I decide exactly what I want. Also, I do question the DMC Branches, since we need everyone close enough to properly interact.

Re: D.M.C. Inc. - Chapter 1:Reassembly [OPEN/STARTED]
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Refer to my notes in the main post. it should answer most questions.

Re: D.M.C. Inc. - Chapter 1:Reassembly [OPEN/STARTED]
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NAME: Hikaru Seki
AGE: 2,000 (estimated)
NATIONALITY: Appears European
HOBBIES: Hard-core video game player
ROLE: Devil
D.M.C. BRANCH: Tokyo, Japan
- Jack of All Trades - Essentially, it is an evolution of the Swordmaster that incorporates ranged attacks as support fire to allow the user to charge in. However, the primary focus is still close-range, so the ranged attacks tend to have less power due to the main focus on close-range combat. Despite this, it is possible to focus more on the support fire at the cost of close-range power.
- Energy Manipulation - As Helios's primary ability, this is the power he is most familiar with. In order to utilize most of his attacks, Helios requires a constant source of energy, whether natural or unnatural. This is usually an advantage as energy-based attacks merely are absorbed and utilized in various ways, such as shields, energy weapons, and other uses.
- Chronokinesis - Despite the name, Chronokinesis is more about perception than actually controlling time. As such, Helios is capable of reading movements, including those capable of controlling time.
- Long-Range Teleport - Usually used for travel than actual combat. The main issue is that with each teleport, there is a considerable delay before and after the teleport.
BIO: Despite being a devil, Helios is a descendant of a clan of energy-based Devils that supported Sparda in his initial rebellion. However, following Sparda's sealing of the demon realm, Helios as a fresh newborn was trapped on the other side with a young boy serving as his medium in the human realm. Alone in an unfamiliar world, Helios was taken in by a kind family because of his appearance as a young boy, even though to the Japanese, he had the face of a foreigner. While being raised, Helios learned that unlike Devils, humans had short life spans. Even though he appeared to be 9 at the time, he saw his adopted parents grow old and die. Eventually, the townspeople drove him out for being both a foreigner and for his eternally youthful appearance.

From that point on, it would be many years before Helios would even see another person and merely lived as a legendary beast that roamed the forest. However, when a string of unexplained murders occurred, the villagers called in Dante and blamed them on him. Dante had every intention of slaying Helios and a battle broke out between the two in the secluded forest. When an old man entered the fray, Helios took a blow for the old man, even though the old man was responsible for blaming Helios for the murders. As such, Dante ceased his attack and together, the two hunted down the true Devil behind the murders, ironically being the village chief who was going to pay Dante. When asked why Helios had stuck his neck out for the villagers that despised him, Helios rationalized that Sparda and his ancestors had fought for all humans, even the worst ones. Clearly, each human had some form of value. From that point on, Dante helped train Helios in developing his abilities.

Now, Helios is a member of the Tokyo Branch, since that was the closest DMC Branch to the village. After 18 years, Helios has developed into a skilled hunter, though is usually the one to be sent on international assignments.
RANGED WEAPON: Apollo Breaker - Despite being classified as a ranged weapon, the Apollo Breaker is a series of orbs that serve as a medium for his stored energy. As a result, they usually take the forms of multiple energy blades that can shoot out energy blasts as well. They can also attach onto the Helio Breaker to increase its size and power.
MELEE WEAPON: Apollo Blade - A sword that stores and utilizes the power of any form of light, though primarily sunlight. As such, it has a tendency to leave after-images to confuse opponents. The Apollo Breakers are essentially a part of the Apollo Blade.

Re: D.M.C. Inc. - Chapter 1:Reassembly [OPEN/STARTED]
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NAME:Snake Valentine
Supreme Shogun(SuSho for short)
Akihabara Battleship(during his stay at Akihabara)
AGE:38(his look were that of the man in his 20s;most of his friends mistook him for such,except a few of his buddies who knew him really well)
HOBBIES:Reads,watch and play ACG.Collects and makes many warship models and place them on display cases prominently.During his free time,he's seen relaxing,often time drinking tea and occasionally plays with his airsoft guns(he has a replica version of his rifle,as shown above) and katana(which he did for "training" purposes).
D.M.C Branch:Tokyo,Japan
Style:Shogun Warrior - His version of both Swordmaster and Gunslinger,although 80% of his combats were at close range,leaning towards the Swordmaster.He can use various types of firearms he can get his hands at;a surprise feat for a Shogun,who were supposed to use katanas instead.
PERSONALITY:Extremely optimistic,even at the point of giving up.Though a SuSho(short for Supreme Shogun),he shows little to no seriousness at all,and even if he did,it only lasts for 3 minutes.Has a love-hate relationship with anything he stumbles upon.
BIO:A highly ranked Shogun during his military days,now on the journey for vacation,visiting his favorite places whenever there's a event there.On one of the journey,however,he was attacked by demons aboard his own ship,and inevitably at the time,Dante shows up and proceed to defeat the demons with Snake.Seeing Snake's incredible feats,Dante challenge him to a friendly fight,but ends up a draw.Dante invites Snake to join the D.M.C Inc.,and he accepted.
RANGED WEAPON:Patriot Battleship - A heavily modified M4A1 assault rifle with various attachments;noticeable equipment includes M203 grenade launcher,a large 100-rounds C-Mag and ACOG scope."She" is now packed with more firepower,being able to fire more powerful 40mm grenade rounds with little to no maintenance,and the rifle itself can be loaded with more powerful rounds,7.62mm and anti-demon rounds to name a few(though there's no anti-demon rounds available so far).
The PBB(The gun's too huge to post here,and I took it from Imageshack,so I made it into a link instead ;P)

M3S90 - Snake's favorite shotgun,it's a highly versatile weapon,firing in either manual(pump-action) or semi automatic mode.Can be loaded with many kinds of shells;Flechette "Sanshiki" and 12-gauge HE shells being his favorite.When reloading,he will sometimes shout "auto loading!",one of his battleship phrases(also a reference to the ship cannon's loading mechanism).

45 Yamato - A heavily modified HK Mk.23 handgun named after his battleship.Noticeable equipment includes 24-rounds magazine,LAM and heavy threaded barrel(for suppressor attachment;the suppressor itself is included).Can be loaded with more powerful .45 rounds,armor-piercing(AP) and anti-demon rounds to name a few(again,no anti-demon rounds so far).Made for close range use and in conjunction with WF katana(preferably when the blade's off;no energy used at all).

MELEE WEAPON:Wave Force Katana - At first,it looks like a normal katana,but when wielded,it emits a very powerful energy,"firing" energy waves each swing,depending on the energy level.Comes with 3 levels of power(not including the "OFF" mode(Dim green),which can be used as a normal katana),indicated by the aura color emitted from the blade.
Lv.1(Yellow):Moderate energy strength."Fires" energy wave at moderate range,ideal for tight room use.A slight touch from it is enough to stun a human,knocking them out.
Lv.2(Red):High energy strength."Fires" energy wave at long range;best use in a open space.The electrical current it generates is powerful enough to kill anyone by electrocution(ala Tesla-based weapon).
Lv.3(Blue):The most powerful so far,but because of its devastating nature,a permission from Snake himself is needed to use it.When in use,it generates a very powerful electrical current,capable of "firing" energy waves powerful enough to blow even a tank off at a range even further than Lv.2 one but at the same time,it gives the user a slight shock over time(and grew more painful the longer he used it).His finishing move,the Omega Shockwave,came from driving the katana down to the earth he's standing on,sending the powerful currents in one huge circle,frying those unlucky enough to stand too close to him(similar to that of the Imperial Shogun Executioner's).This move however,drains all of its energy,leaving him(as the current affects him as well,albeit less so) and the blade disabled for some time.A song from his Iphone will be played as it detects the energy from the katana,signaling the others to stay away from him.

Wears a red bandanna with a sakura emblem on his forehead and red trench coat big enough to conceal his things inside;behind it is the IJN logo sewn onto and were fixed(it will never leave its place).
Extre:He owns a battleship named Yamato Shogun,one of the Japan's most powerful Supreme Shogun(SuSho)-class battleship,which now used as a mobile house and D.M.C branch,traveling everywhere whenever Snake wants/needs to.Currently,he stays at Akihabara,where he resides prior to the events before this time,and only attend to the branch when needed.

NAME:Kruser Valentine
Sniper Cruiser(by his military units,especially the Imperial Shogunate)
Musashi(by Snake,sometimes shortened to Mush)
NATIONALITY:Japanese(American-Japanese breed;his mother was a American)
HOBBIES:Same as Snake.He maintains his guns collections from time to time(sometimes Snake's),and occasionally plays "War" game(involving the usage of airsoft guns) with his buddies during free times.
D.M.C. Branch:Tokyo,Japan
Style:Sniper Battlecruiser - His version of Gunslinger,he's true to the style's namesake;a "battlecruiser" capable of taking enemies out at extremely long range before anyone notices his presence.
PERSONALITY:Calm and collected,although pessimistic(which mostly countered by Snake's extreme optimism).
BIO:Snake's best friend,seeing each other as rivals at their first meeting during the war.Kruser's sniping skills is said to be nearly unmatched by everyone,even the best sniper in his own military unit.When Snake meets Kruser after the incident,he invites Kruser aboard to kick the demon's ass.He only hear things about Dante from Snake,therefore he never sees Dante before but knew that he may be just another Snake to him..
RANGED WEAPON:HK MSG-90A1 - Kruser's all-time favorite sniper rifle.

PTRS - A powerful antitank rifle,it blows through multiple targets at once,killing at least 5 enemies with one shots(can go more than this,but they must lined up well enough.So far,8 was the best record;Snake helped him by kiting them into a place where Kruser can get a good shot at).

45 Musashi - A heavily modified HK Mk.23 handgun named after his battlecruiser.Noticeable equipment includes 18-rounds magazine,reflex sight and heavy threaded long barrel(for suppressor attachment;the suppressor itself is included).Can be loaded with more powerful .45 rounds,armor-piercing(AP) and anti-demons to name a few(again,no anti-demon rounds so far).Used as a backup weapon and can be used with the knives.

MELEE WEAPON:Bayonets - Offers a close range defense should they gets close to him,although he relies more on Snake than the knife itself.The hilt section of the knife can be removed,allowing him to stab them them into the ground,and in turn,increase the attack range of the Omega Shockwave when Snake unleash them,acting as a conductor.One is seen attached on his rifle.

APPEARANCE: (Mind his old age! XP) Blond hairs.
EXTRA:Like Snake,he owns a battleship named Musashi Shogun,the other SuSho-class battleship,and were Yamato's "little sister".He resides at Nipponbashi,Osaka,which also happens to be Akihabara's neighborhood rival.

Freedom's the power of everything!! Usual RP characters

Re: D.M.C. Inc. - Chapter 1:Reassembly [OPEN/STARTED]
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Alright, this is do. I'll be starting on Saturday.

@Snake - Bro, please shrink the image of that gun. It is taking up a lot of space man.

Re: D.M.C. Inc. - Chapter 1:Reassembly [OPEN/STARTED]
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Just so you guys know, I'll be replying late on Saturday. I've got important training. Also, around mid-July, I ship off for Basic, so I give permission for the RP Master to use my character as he wishes, so long as nothing bad happens, like character death.

Re: D.M.C. Inc. - Chapter 1:Reassembly [OPEN/STARTED]
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Note: First up, sorry for the extreme delay, my internet went kaput when several squirrels decided the cables would make a nice chew toy. I had to rewire my whole electrical and phone system and line them with carbon fibers to stop this nonsense.


[Miami, Florida][6 Months Previously]

The residents of Miami have grown used to all kinds of strange visitors since a man with shock white hard moved into a new shop. His various guests have further achieved that same nonchalance that they have given to him. So when a young woman with red hair walked into the building alone when it was unoccupied, it raised a few eyebrows.

Inside the building, the woman in question known only as Lucia leaned against the desk at the back of the lobby and stared into space while flipping a double sided coin in mid air repeatedly. Her mind lost in thought...

' stubborn should have been one would have really cared if an artificial demon was gone...expect maybe, Mama.'

While lost in her thoughts, she heard the roar of a familiar sounding motorcycle coming from outside. The engine grinded to a stop just outside of the shop.

'Could it be?'

With that, she looked towards the door as they were thrown open. Any thoughts of seeing a familiar red coat were dashed as two individuals walked in. Two voluptuous woman one with long blond hair and the other with medium-length black hair stepped in and looked around. The blond spoke first,

"Looks like its true, that moron is really gone."

"Just like him to leave without paying his debts to me...that bastard..."

Although they said as such, both women had looks of worry and even looked a bit teary. Lucia spoke,

"who are you two? What are you doing here?"

The blonde: "You're Lucia right? The name is Trish, I'm Dante's partner,we its ex-partner now I suppose...This is,"

"Call me Lady. Everyone does. I'm Dante's creditor."

"Right, then. So what are you both doing here?"

Trish gave a chuckle: "Honey, haven't you realized yet? Were here to discuss what to do now that Dante's gone missing.

"Well it's good to see everyone getting along."

All three ladies swerved to look at the door where a man had walked in. His brown trenchcoat bristled slightly as the wind blew it. He removed his fedora hat to reveal a man in his mid forties. He had light blond hair that was specked with gray and a toothbrush mustache as he smiled gently at them. Both Trish and Lady spoke,


Morrison: "Ladies it is good to see you again, although I wished it was in better circumstances."

From behind the man, a girl who looked to be in her teens with blond hair walked past him. She looked to be close to tears and was quickly hugged by Lady and Trish. Morrison gave a sad look as he spoke,

"Poor Patty has been in distraught since we heard the news. Not to mention, we had another..guest I suppose."

"I can speak for myself."

Another man brushed by Morrison as he spoke. He was wearing a brown robe that completely covers him which when combined with a hood completely hid is identity. Lady and Trish both looked at him in distrust.

Trish: "Who the hell are you?"

???: "That is unimportant, what is important is that you must listen to me. The disappearance of the Son of Sparda has now brought upon unforeseen consequences."

Patty: "Like what? And his name is Dante!"

???: "Even now, several of Mundus's former generals are banding together. High ranking Juggernaut Class Devils are forming alliances even as we speak and plotting to cause untold havoc in the human world. Time is off the essence."

Lady: "We can handle it."

??? spoke harshly: "Do not be arrogant woman! This is not some simple isolated incident! This is a full international scale invasion in the works!"

Lucia: "We we are not enough...then what do you propose?"

???: "Did you know, that this shop is not the only one of its kind?"

Trish: "What?"

Morrison: "Allow me to take it from here, you see ladies, Devil May Cry is not the only one of its kind. Not anymore."

The mysterious man then looked at them all and spoke,

"We will speak more of this. First we have to secure this place. Oh, and for the matter, you can call me..."

As he turned slightly, Lady caught a view of white hair,


[6 Months Later]

[October 25th][D.M.C. Inc Tokyo Branch HQ - Main Lobby][Afternoon]

The Tokyo Branch of Devil May Cry Incorporated or D.M.C. Inc. building stood as resolute as ever. A mix of modern and tradition could be seen in its architecture. A young lady stepped out to open the mailbox and was slightly surprised to see a letter with the seal of the Main Branch. She broke the seal and skimmed the letter with her eyes getting wider with each sentence.

"Oh my."

She ran back inside the building passing by several others who looked at her curiously. Finally she paused outside of a large double doors and slammed them open. Walking into a large office the man behind a large desk in it looked at her in shock. He raised an eyebrow and spoke,

"I presume that you have a reason for trying to tear my doors down, Charlotte-chan?"

Charlotte Dunois: "Please take a look at this, Oyabun."

The man raised his eyebrow and took the letter from her hands and started to look through. His look changed as he gave the letter his full concentration. He read and reread it 2 more times to make sure it was not a trick. Then he set it down and spoke strictly to his Vice Chairman looking at him expectantly.

"call in everyone immediately. This is no joke. Get everyone in here right now. This is an S=Class Emergency!"

Charlotte stuttered at his and rushed out to get the other members. You did not deny Souken Himura when he spoke in that tone

"Y-Yes, sir!"

Souken sat behind his desk as he brooded on the message he had been given,

"This world is going to be shaken to its core..."

[October 24th][New York City - 15th Precinct Police Station][Night]

If anyone walked into the 15th Precinct Station right now they would have been treated to a strange sight. A man dressed like a magician sat stirring a cup of tea as he and several of the policemen stationed there seemed to be having a snack.

As they finished another rowdy story, the Captain walked in holding an envelope.

Captain Martins: "Mail call for you Potter."

The Magician raised an eyebrow as he took the letter and his eyes sharpened at the seal. He broke it and read the letters contents before standing up suddenly. The others looked at him curiously. After all, its takes a lot to unnerve Harry James Potter.

Harry: "Captain, I hope you can hold the city for some time. There has been a massive emergency."

Captain Martins: "How bad is it Potter?"

Harry looked at him gravely "S-Rank."

Captain Martins turned chalk white: "O Shit."

Harry: "Indeed Captain, indeed."

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[I'm going to be posting late because I am at E3 in Los Angeles, California for 2 days and I'm going to be running around places like mad.]

Re: D.M.C. Inc. - Chapter 1:Reassembly [OPEN/STARTED]
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[October 25th][Detroit ,Michigan][Dawn]

Vice and his recent DMC hunting partner, Sasha, were sitting on top of a building watching Demons roam the streets. It was a request from a local gang, they said thy were dealing with the Desmond but occasionally a Devil appears and they want the DMC to take care of it. The building Vice and his frien are sitting on is the wearhouse the gangs are making refuge for now. Vice looks in to the scope and scans the area. There are resistance in the city alive.

Vice: hahaha....this place is infested with demons...I'm even supprises this gang even managed to live.

Sasha: We better find that devil and ask for renforcements. This is way too much with the only two us.

Vice: Found him!

Sasha: ok, I will go get the leader to witness the job done.

Vice waited for his friend to bring the gang leader up on the roof. The leader is a totally miserable man now, more than half of his men were killed and his business with the blackmarket is impossible to recover. He lays next to vice with binoculars.

Vice: you see the guy near the deli shop?

Leader: ya, thats the guy. But isn't that a little too far? It's at least a mile away...

Sasha: oh, trust me, he can do longer. Show him Vice!

3 shots were fired and landed on the target. 2 in the forehead and one in between the eyes. The devil fell and turned in to ashes.

Leader: great job! Here is the check you wanted. Now I don't know how your gonna get out of here but good luck!

Vice: well thanks. *phone buzzes* oh, it's from New York(East United States HQ)

Vice: [well hello there, we just finished our job and was just thinking of a plan on how to go back]

HQ: [that docent matter anymore, we have just received a International S-Rank emergency]

Vice: {oh shi-}

HQ: {Hold your position till get you a ride...good luck}

Phone call ended

Sasha: that didnt sound good...

Vice: ya... S-Rank emregency, orders are to hold position till our ride comes.

Sasha: fine with that, at least we have a ride coming.

A mob of demons have found their way to the whearhouse, Two of them were instantly taken out by Vice. Sasha draws her sword and jumps off the roof in to the mob. From the roof, it was visible that more were coming.

Vice: if we are alive till then..,

Ooc: I guess u will make a another character...

NAME: Sasha R. Takayama
GENDER: Female
AGE: 18
HOBBIES: cutting up stuff, knitting
ROLE: Human(devil touched)
D.M.C. Branch: East America (New York HQ)
Style: Sword-master: A professional in sword combat but prefers her Nodachi (2 meter katana).
POWER/s: Flame Possession - has the ability to possess demonic flames on her blades and launch the as a mid-range attack.
PERSONALITY: kind, sometimes mental age is questionably low
BIO: coming...
RANGED WEAPON: Sasha is not a big fan of ranged weapons, she carries around a small pistol.
Suzaku-tou: named after one of the four Asian beast gods, Suzaku, it has a large hooked blade as if it's the tylons of Suzaku
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Seiryuu-zan: named after one of the four asian beast gods, Seiryuu. Made out of black-steel, pit will slice through almost any thing.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Nodachi:(visible in appearance) 2meter katana. designed as a weapon for war versus cavalry and open field engagements.
Devil arm:
Kokuryuu-tachi: said to be made with the fangs of the demon dragon Kokuryuu. Approximate length of the sword is 1.5meters and it's color is pure black. It will increase the weilder's over all stats by 50%. What ever that gets cut by this blade will burn in purple flames that cannot be put out.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
EXTRA: (Optional: anything else about your character, possessions, etc.)


 photo SRTsigver3_zps80ee60d1.png

Re: D.M.C. Inc. - Chapter 1:Reassembly [OPEN/STARTED]
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Von | Great Britain – Evening

The appearance of the British Devil May Cry branch remained it’s classic style in the modern era, just like the one Dante had. Within the office, Von sat on his chair with his legs on the table until a man walked out of the wall. The man introduced himself as “Ligrev” and had announced that a meeting would take place at DMC Headquarters in Miami Florida. Vons straight lips, slowly turned into a grin as the man disappeared. Pulling out his pen and a blank letter, he began to write a note to his sister.

”I will be away for a job for some time maybe about a month, I’ll get you something when I return.”

Von gently placed the letter within an envelope and drove off towards the Blacksville mansion. When he arrived, he had placed the letter in the mailbox and proceeded towards the airport. At the airport, he parked his bike and began preparations to pilot his private jet.


Re: D.M.C. Inc. - Chapter 1:Reassembly [OPEN/STARTED]
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Aventura Mall, Miami, Florida, Day Time

Aventura Mall, a big mall that has been a great place for humans to shop, socialize, and eat during the years. However, due to the demon outbreak, not many humans (or possibly half-demons or humanoid devils) visit the mall. Many of the stores closed down or relocated somewhere else to gain business. A man, wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans, black sneakers, and pair of black gloves, takes a step into a wide and tall building of Aventura Mall. The sign above the entrance where the man entered says "Food Court" but as he looks around inside, there is not much restaurants around. Some were boarded up for new restaurants to open up. As the man walks to the center of the food, he takes off his headphones and hangs it around his neck and slides his shades over his head and not pulling his hair back. This man is known as Valvatorez Niktorez, a travelling humanoid devil that has came to see the once famous mall.

"Looks like the ads are wrong but it doesn't matter anyways. I'll just take of any devils that appears here.", he said after whistling and looking around. Some humans walk past Valvatorez with a mild terrified look in their eyes. He shrugs and continued into the mall and thinking to himself, passing by a stand that sells crepes. He just realized that the entrance he entered from was the second floor of the mall after seeing a rail handle. Passing by a koi fish pond in front of a elevator, he reaches a store labelled "Sony".

"Oh! This store has interesting electronics here. Sweet! A television! Man, the technology did improve since the last time I was here. Huh?", he spots a news footage of a devils appearing on the streets. "Che... Ever since I met this Dante guy, the human world is in much more chaos than I remember it. Hmmm?", he noticed a familiar man with white hair passes by the cameraman on the news. "Is that...? It must be... The area I'm seeing here must be...", Valvatorez takes out his phone and turns on the GPS application. "Downtown Miami, eh? Well, time to start hawling ass.", he turns off the GPS application and puts away his phone. He then slides back down his shades, put back on his head phones, and ran out of Aventura Mall.

Re: D.M.C. Inc. - Chapter 1:Reassembly [OPEN/STARTED]
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[October 25th][D.M.C Inc Akihabara Branch,Tokyo][Afternoon]

The daily happenings at Akihabara's D.M.C Inc office begins with a "War" game,a game that involves the usage of airsoft guns,which however only known to the two men there,actually trains their members in there as a preparation to battle against demons and devils.And the game's at the end....


Kruser:Argh,dang it,Snake.You shot me with that 200 BB pellets grenade again XP

Snake:Hehe,face it,buddy.It's hard to avoid them at close range.

Takeshi:*laughs* As expected of my good Susho friend here.Ya still got a VERY long way to defeat him,Kruser-san! XD

Kruser:(Hehe,but still,long range shot will prevail CQC one day...)

Snake:*phone buzz* Hey,it's a message...Who could that be?

Snake opens his phone and finds a message from the Main Branch.He continues to read on....

Snake:...Guys,looks like we're needed.

Kruser:Whoa,talk about timing...

Snake:They say that it's a S-Class emergency.Well,guys,pack yer stuffs up and head for the HQ branch.

Saying that,they took up their stuffs and head toward the HQ branch....

@Roxas:My characters are now heading for your branch.It's within Tokyo area,so it should take a short while to arrive there.

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