See other polls! Poll: Do u tink i should confess my love?
Go ahead but just incase be prepared to get hurt
31 36.05%
If you really love him/her you should really tell them, it may be worth it, if it's a slite crush, I wouldn't bother. If I REALLY love him/her I deffenetly would confess, but still be prepared.
15 17.44%
14 16.28%
Before that, what kind of love is it anyway?
6 6.98%
Be brave and Do it, try not to be stupid, be yourself, only you kno if u love him/her, don't regret it
5 5.81%
One answer is extremely long. wow!
5 5.81%
it depends
3 3.49%
3 3.49%
what the heck is this kinda questions doing on gendou -.-
3 3.49%
when the time is right.................soon..........
3 3.49%

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