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Date User Song Anime Artist Type Source
September 26th, 2012 shin Hello Mellow Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Annabel IN01 Click Here
May 11th, 2011 bubble_tea_lover Camellia no Hitomi Hidan no Aria Aiko Nakano ED01 Click Here
October 27th, 2010 shin Infection Highschool of the Dead Mell IN07 Click Here
October 27th, 2010 shin Red Fraction ~IO Drive Mix~ Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail Mell OP01 Click Here
March 4th, 2009 shin Rideback Rideback Mell OP01 Click Here
September 26th, 2007 admin Virgin's High Sky Girls MELL OP01 Click Here
May 30th, 2007 admin Proof Hayate no Gotoku! MELL ED01 Click Here
May 23rd, 2007 admin Mellow Melody Sola Ceui ED01 Click Here
June 14th, 2006 admin Red Fraction Black Lagoon Mell Click Here

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