Lyrics for Tabidatsu Kimi e (TV Size) from Bleach by RSP (Ending #22)

sakura mau mada sukoshi samui sora no shita
kimi wa iku chiisana kata ni yume ya kibou nosete

ima tabidatsu kimi ni okuritai
kyou kurai majime ni itta tte ii jan itta tte ii jan
arittake no egao o hanataba ni
kimi ni tsutae yo MESSEEJI

arigatou issho ni waratte kurete
arigatou issho ni naite kurete
daijoubu da yo shinpai nai yo
shinjite michi dake massugu ni hashirun da yo

sayonara koko kara hajimaru kara
sayonara itsu datte mikata dakara
daijoubu da yo hitori ja nai yo
kaete kuru basho wa itsu de mo koko ni aru yo
桜舞う まだ少し寒い空の下
君は行く 小さな肩に夢や希望乗せて

今日くらいまじめにいったっていいじゃん (いったっていいじゃん)

ありがとう 一緒に笑ってくれて
ありがとう 一緒に泣いてくれて
大丈夫だよ 心配ないよ
信じて 道だけ真っ直ぐに走るんだよ

さよなら ここから始まるから
さよなら いつだって味方だから
大丈夫だよ 一人じゃないよ
The cherry blossoms dance under the chilly spring sky.
You march on, with dreams and hopes upon your little shoulders.

I want to send you off as you begin your journey.
I should have done that seriously at least today. (I should have.)
I placed all my smiles in a bouquet of flowers
that I am sending to you along with a message:

Thank you for laughing with me
Thank you for crying with me
Don't worry, you will be fine.
Just keep going straight in the path you believe in.

So say farewell for now is a new beginning
We say farewell, because I'll always be your supporter
Don't worry, you're not alone
You'll always have a place to come back to, right here.
yes i agree..'shinpai nai' does mean 'don't worry' in a supportive & informal manner with the addition of the word 'yo' ^^

-- by plain_83 at 2010-03-30 06:14:11

Sorry, I guess it WAS letting me change it, and I ended up saving too many times. Forgive me!! T_T

-- by nittny123 at 2010-02-13 13:08:59

Someone change "I'll try my best not to miss you" to "don't worry." it won't let me, but "shinpai nai yo" does NOT mean "I'll try my best not to miss you," it means "don't worry" -_-'

-- by nittny123 at 2010-02-13 13:07:46

Guys, take note of the Lyrics Standards before editing. Many thanks!

-- by shin at 2010-02-08 08:24:02

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