Lyrics for Watashi no Tamago (TV Size) from Shugo Chara! Party! by Shugo Chara Egg! (Opening #2)

daiji na mono wa naani
maarukute shirokute howahowa de
kizukanakute mo kokoro no naka ni minna motterun da

shinjiru KIMOCHI ga senaka o oshite kureru kitto
shugo tama mo BATSU tama mo shugo KYARA mo BATSU KYARA mo
zenbu daiji da mon ne

dakara OPEN HEART hora
daijobu mayottemo
hitori ja nain dakara itsudemo issho dakara
sou omoeba nanda ka genki ga waite kuru
mieru desho waratteru
hazunderu tamagotachi
kore kara mo zuuuutto YOROSHIKU ne
きづかなくても こころの中にみんなもってるんだ

信じるキモチが背中を押してくれる きっと
しゅごたまもバツたまも しゅごギャラもバツキャラも

だからopen heart ほら
だいじょうぶ まよっても
ひとりじゃないんだから いつでもいっしょだから
そう思えばなんだか 元気がわいてくる
open heart ほら
見えるでしょ わらってる
はずんでる たまごたち
What is really important?
Well it is white and round and shiny
And even if they don't know it everyone has one in their heart

The faith I have in others is what keeps me going
Guardian eggs and x eggs
Guardian character and x character
They are all precious things

And so open heart, go!
Everything will be okay!
Because even if you feel lost
You are not alone
We will all be together
And when I think of that, somehow I feel warm and fizzy inside

Open heart now!
You can see the eggs right?
They are all smiling and bouncing around
So from now on forever and ever
I'll be counting on you!

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