Lyrics for Osaki ni Sil Vous Plait (TV Size) from GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class by Ayanoi Koukou GA Girls (Opening #1)

hitotsu hitotsu hitotsu hitotsu
hitotsu hitotsu hitotsu hitotsu
irodotteku KANBASU

gochamaze no POSUKARA ENAJI
dono iro mo taisetsu desu
ikioi de kadai shiagete
dame datta hekomimasen

PASUTERU wa ikaga
KUREYON ja nai
sobyou yori suneko ga ii na

shiroku shiroku hiroi hiroi KANBASU ni
donna iro wo kasanete miyou kana
aoi aoi sora wo kiritotta you na
itsuka e ga kakitai

ひとつ ひとつ ひとつ ひとつ
ひとつ ひとつ ひとつ ひとつ

ごちゃまぜの ポスカラエナジー
どの色も 大切です
勢いで 課題仕上げて
ダメだった 凹みません!


白く白く広い広い カンバスに
青い青い 空を切り取ったような
one one one one
one one one one
coloring the canvas

the energy of mixed colored posters
every color is important
bulldozed through the assignment
it failed, but i won't get depressed

want some pastels?
those are just crayons!
"natural cats" are better than "sketching"

on the white, white wide, wide canvas
what kind of color should i layer?
like a frame of the blue, blue sky
i want to make a painting like that one day

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