Lyrics for Mind As Judgement (TV Size) from Canaan by Faylan (Opening #1)

Kizuna wo mizukara hikisaita
as Judgment tsuriagete

(8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Overdrive)

Na mo naki guuwa togabito no
Yami yo katare shade and fear
Yomigaeru ma no mure

Yodomu sakaime temanaite
Toki no hate sa dead end town
Shinigami no waraigoe

Aganatte mo tsugunatte mo
Karada shi su teigi ni wa
Did you see? Did you say?
Hi de toburau

Mamoru beki inochi idaite
Omosa ga ai da to shinjite ta
Daraku he no kakehiki demo uragiri naraba
trust of a heart
Daiji na sekai furenu you ni
mind as Judgment
Give up! You know! Give up!

as Judgment 吊り上げて

名も無き寓話 咎人の
闇よ語れ shade and fear

澱む境目 手招いて
時の果てさ dead end town

贖っても 償っても
Did you see? Did you say?

堕落への駆け引き でも裏切りならば
trust of a heart
mind as Judgment
Give up! You know! Give up!

I personally tore up our bond
as Judgment, hanging it up...

In a nameless fable, speak of the sinners'
Darkness, shade and fear
The demonic flock revives

Beckon the settled border
At the end of time, there's a dead end town
And the laughter of gods of death

Even if I atone, even if I recompense
In the definition of bodily death
Did you see? Did you say?
I mourn it with error

Holding the life I must protect
I believed that the weight is love
It's the tactic for corruption, but if it's a betrayal
trust of a heart
So that it won't touch my precious world
mind as Judgment
Give up! You know! Give up!

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