Lyrics for Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro! (TV Size) from Hayate no Gotoku!! Second Season by Shizuka Itou (Ending #1)

Hï½¥Iï½¥Nï½¥A hinagiku hai hai

Honjitsu kimi wa nani iro kirari hajikete egao
Doko made itte mo yuuki iro
Yakusoku nante nai yo massugu susumu shugi na no
Chikazuku yokan wa CHEAP KNOCK KNOCK


Kotae wa doko desu ka (koko desu)
Mayotte karafuru na junjou sakimidareteku


Daisuki nante arigatou (arigatou)
Watashi mo zutto suki da yo (suki suki)
Motto kyou (motto) motto ashita (sou da)
Jiyuu na iro de hirogetai

Namida mo kitto arigatou (going my way)
Watashi saku kaze fuku gooru he (fu)
Tobikomu kara

Honjitsu mankai otome mugendai mitette ne
H・I・N・A! ヒナギク!

本日、キミは何色? キラリはじけて笑顔
どこまで行っても 勇気色
約束なんてないよ まっすぐ進む主義なの
近づく予感は Cheap Knock Knock


迷って カラフルな純情 咲き乱れてく

Everybody 萌え萌え!

大好きなんて ありがとう(ありがとう!)
もっとこう(もっと!) もっと明日(そうだ!)

涙もきっと ありがとう(恋はね~)
ワタシ咲く 風吹くゴールへ(ふ~)

本日満開! オトメ無限大! 見ててね

h i n a hinagiku

what color are you today? I flash a smile at you.
It makes me nervous whenever I do.
There was never a promise, I like to keep everything straight.
chances to get close to you mesmerize me. cheap knock knock


Where is my answer? (right here)
I'm at a loss and my colorful pure heart goes wild.

everybody sprouting sprouting *1*
Thank you for saying you love me. (thank you)
I've also liked you too.
more today (more) more tomorrow (that's right)
I want to arrange things with colors of my choice.

Thank you to even the tears I shed. (You lost to him)
The wind blows to call me to go into full bloom (fu *blowing noise*)
I'll say yes.

So I'm in full bloom today! Watch my maximum feminity.
If I remember correctly, I saw some Hiragana saying that it would not be "poe poe" but "hoe hoe". I'm not trying to be immature. I'll try to find the site that I found.

-- by branflakesbbq at 2009-07-13 01:04:42

Copied from eclipse speed subs. Man i got a long way to be a translator... >.>

-- by wintertree at 2009-05-11 20:16:03

*3* such difficult words... my japanese dictionary couldn't help... had to use online translation

-- by wintertree at 2009-05-11 19:48:02

@ wintertree: For side notes, you can use this section and post it here.

Anyways, here is wintertree's notes for English lyrics:
*little footnotes*
*1* Didn't really know if its moe as in cute girls moe or sprouting moe...
*2* Didn't really know this part too well. otome = maiden, mugen = infinity, dai = big.
First translation by me. Sorry for bad grammar and what not.

-- by shin at 2009-05-09 19:14:37

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