Lyrics for Futuristic Imagination (TV Size) from Eden of the East by School Food Punishment (Ending #1)

yoru wa fuuin tomadoi majireba owaru
mayoidasu gurai nara isso wake mo suteyou

mata yume ni oboreru futashika ni tsuzuiteku mirai
mada kimi o yuruseru imi o shireru

mimi o sumasu tame no yoru
sono riyuu o manete kawareru
kimi no kokyuu o shiru tame ni mirai no ne o kitte mo kamawanai

mirai no ne o kitte mo kamawanai
夜は封印 戸惑い混じれば終わる
迷い出すぐらいならいっそ 理由も捨てよう

また夢に溺れる 不確かに続いてく未来
まだ 君を許せる 意味を知れる

その理由を真似て 変われる
君の呼吸を知るために 未来の根を切っても構わない

The night is sealed. If I get caught in the confusion, it’s over.
If I’ve lost my way, I may as well throw away my reasons.

I’m indulging in dreams again. In the future that continues unclearly,
I’ll still know why I can forgive you.

This is a night to listen carefully
I can imitate that reason and change.
In order to know your ways, I don’t mind cutting the roots of the future.

I don’t mind cutting the roots of the future.

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