Lyrics for Karma from Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ by Kokia (Opening #1)

karma nando mo onaji koto no kurikaeshi no naka o ochite itte wa
karma kono mi wa rasen no you umarekawatte mo nao samayoutsuzukete iru
BUUEE yasuraka ni
BUUEE owari ni shiyou onore no waza de


karma boukyaku no kouya kara nogarete kita ima mo omoidasenai
karma kioku o tadoru tabi ni onaji basho de itsu mo miushinau kokoro

BUUEE tsukamezu ni
BUUEE tadayotteru
BUUEE yasuraka ni
BUUEE owari ni shiyou
onore no waza de oyasuminasai

karma 何度も同じことの繰り返しの中を堕ちていっては
karma この身は螺旋のよう 生まれ変わってもなお彷徨い続けている
ブーエー 安らかに
ブーエー 終わりにしよう 己の業で


karma 忘却の荒野から逃れてきた今も 思い出せない
karma 記憶を辿る度に 同じ場所でいつも見失うこころ

ブーエー 掴めずに
ブーエー 漂ってる
ブーエー 安らかに
ブーエー 終わりにしよう
己の業で おやすみなさい

Karma, since I’m falling within the repetition of the same thing over and over again
Karma, my body is like a spiral, even if I’m reborn, I still keep wandering
Shhh, let’s make it end
Shhh, in peace, by my own means

Shhh, shhh

Karma, even now, having escaped from the wilderness of oblivion, I can’t recall it
Karma, every time I think back in my memories, I always lose sight of my heart at the same place
Shhh, without being able to catch it
Shhh, I’m drifting
Shhh, let’s make it end
Shhh, in peace
By my own means, good night

lyrics scan

-- by shin at 2009-12-13 14:44:20

@ sweet_smile:

I hope those might give you an idea. o_o;

-- by shin at 2009-06-11 17:28:09

Thanks for the song lyric but....
what dose "Karma" mean it is a name of a person ?????

-- by sweet_smile at 2009-06-11 02:59:17

If you check the edit history, you'll notice that I changed only the seventh and eighth lines, which I felt had translation errors; it was someone else who replaced the translation with most of my own.

That said, I think "let us" is actually more correct: in the "owari ni shiyou" part of the line, the -you indicates volitional form, which is usually a suggestion, rather than a command. Not such an important part, really.

-- by bambooxzx at 2009-04-28 17:11:51

Rules says the following:
If you see a genuine error in translation, you may fix it.
If, however, you might have translated it differently as a matter of personal taste, do NOT change the lyrics!

chiisanashojo's translation was fine. There's no need to change it.
Toward the end, it says onoreno which means your and not let us.

-- by ptech at 2009-04-27 01:52:34

Oh gosh, I feel like a fool. I was only romanizing based on the lyrics I got the link from, which said プーエーPUE and I had no clue they were supposed to be ブーエーBUE.

-- by chiisanashojo at 2009-04-24 09:53:42

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