Lyrics for Ai no Oto ~English ver.~ from Viper's Creed by Moumoon (Ending #1)

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"Good bye for now" you said
Waving hands, I couldn't smile
I knew it was the last "Good-bye"
Cause your eyes never lie
I walked away from you
I just couldn't turn back
Wished you stopped me, and you held me

I'm missing everything when you're not here with me
But my freezing hands couldn't dial to hear your voice
I really want you to be close like you used to be
But that was then, I don't know how you feel without me

On silent nights I hear this sound
Just like our love fading away
Ah snow flakes falling down so slowly
On my window pane
Before the memories fade away
Until my pain goes away
The only thing I ask from you to do
Oh please be with me

Tell me, oh tell me
What do you see and how you feel
Oh tell me
Where are you now?
Tell me how you feel

I liked the way you think, I liked the way you talk
Holding hands, feeling your lips
Hugging, teasing, squeezing you
I saw us smiling in photographs, then I can remember how we laughed
But the time goes, Can't go back
Memories of you still goes around and around
And my tears from my eyes coming down and down
Wanna tell you how I feel about you right now
But don't know how to say it, I can't find the words to say

The sound of love fading away
Ah I know you can hear it, too
You're so kind, but sometimes it hurts me
Oh don't make me cry

Telling myself that I'm OK without you no more
But I don't want you out of my life because I need you
Before the memories fade away and disappear someday
I wanna see you right now Ah
The Sound of love silencing our hearts through the lonely night
The Sound of snow covering our hearts with moments of the past
With every "Hello" there's "Good-byes"
I know beginnings always have an end
Even though it may be fate

Tell me, oh tell me
What do you see and how you feel
Oh tell me
Where are you now?
Tell me how you feel

Anyone please double check English lyrics. Use the lyrics scan I posted as a guide. Thanks!

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lyrics scan

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