Lyrics for Life Goes On ~Side K~ from Antique Bakery by Chemistry (Opening #1)

kanashii toki ni 'kanashii' to tsugeru no wa yowaitte koto kana
tsurai toki ni 'tsurai' to uchi akete ii kana

I've just got to believe.
yami ga semari ikiba ushinatta toshitemo
ima wa KIMI ga soba ni iru mayowa zuni fumidasun da

nagashita namida wa kitto hikaru kesshou he to kawaru
yasashiku tsutsunde I'll be with you. I'll be with you.
KIMI ga oshiete kureta jibun rashiku aru koto wo
dakara donna toki mo shinjite susumuyo
Life goes on.

BOKU ga KIMI ni shite agerareru kototte nani ga arun darou
nigate na koto nara takusan aru to iu noni

I am to be with you.
KIMI no kotoba futo omoidashite unazuku
hoshi ga tsukame sou na yoru owaranu ai wo chikaou

nagashita namida wa kitto hikaru kesshou he to kawaru
furueru kokoro de You're by my side. You're by my side.
kono koe ga todoka zuni akirame sou ni natte mo
nigittate dake wa hanasazu susumuyo
Life goes on.

kaze wa taezu ugoite bokura no senaka wo osuyo
toki ga nagaretemo You're my sweet heart. You're my sweet heart.
mabataku hoshi no mukou yume mita mirai egakou
dakara sono toki wa issho ni iyou yo
Life goes on.

悲しい時に「悲しい」と告げるのは 弱いってことかな
辛いときに「辛い」と 打ち明けていいかな

I've just got to believe.
闇が迫り 行き場失ったとしても
今はキミがそばにいる 迷わずに踏み出すんだ

流した涙はきっと 光る結晶へと変わる
優しく包んで I'll be with you.×2
キミが教えてくれた 自分らしくあることを
だからどんな時も 信じて進むよ
Life goes on.

ボクがキミにしてあげられることって 何があるんだろう
苦手なことなら たくさんあるというのに

I am to be with you.
キミの言葉 ふと思い出してうなずく
星が掴めそうな夜 終わらぬ愛を誓おう

流した涙はきっと 光る結晶へと変わる
震える心で You're by my side.×2
この声が届かずに あきらめそうになっても
握った手だけは 離さず進むよ
Life goes on.

風は絶えず動いて ボクらの背中を押すよ
時が流れても You're my sweet heart.×2
瞬く星の向こう 夢見た未来描こう
だからその時は 一緒にいようよ
Life goes on.

I wonder if it’s weak to let you know when I’m feeling sad
Would it be alright to reveal when I’m heartbroken?

I’ve just got to believe
Even if I have no place to go anymore as darkness closes in
I won’t hesitate to step forward because you’re here with me now

The tears I’ve cried will surely become shining crystals
I’ll softly hold you, I’ll be with you..(2x)
You taught me how to be true to myself
So I’ll always believe as I move forward
Life goes on

I’m trying to figure out what I can actually do for you
Seems there’s so many things I can’t

I am to be with you
I remember your words and nod my head
On a night when the stars are close enough to grab
Let’s make a vow of eternal love

The tears I’ve cried will surely become shining crystals
With a trembling heart, you’re by my side(2x)
Even if my voice won’t reach you and I feel like giving up
I’ll never let go of your hand as I move forward..
Life goes on

The wind never stops and pushes us forward
Even as time goes by, you’re my sweetheart(2x)
We’ll make the future we dreamed about come true beyond the twinkling stars
That’s why we should be together when it happens
Life goes on

I think that side K or side D is the sama but the melody for side K is cheerfull than side D because side D is more melancholic

-- by yulla at 2011-02-01 05:10:01

Yes, that 1st part is correct.

-- by asunatheholy at 2009-01-25 14:43:54

I don't speak japanese but i think what they say in the first part (where it is not avalible in the TV size)
Is " Life goes on.... Ready?"
Not sure though ><

-- by shaboora at 2008-10-12 05:45:37

the two sides are of course the same... Although the versions are different... the side D is the more serious one and thus, it's more of a love song there... :D But K ensures happiness... So likewise... I love them both! :D

-- by precure_08 at 2008-09-02 03:49:41

there's 1 part that's different in both of the songs. i already edited it. love antique bakery! x)

-- by kurama-chika-shito at 2008-08-22 02:43:55

actually..i think the lyrics for both versions are the same.

-- by min_li at 2008-08-22 01:21:05

Tearless-san i think those romanji lyrics should be for the Side D version, not the K version.

-- by izumo at 2008-08-21 04:40:25

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