Lyrics for World End (TV Size) from Code Geass R2 by Flow (Opening #2)

sekai no owari de umareta hikari ima kaze no naka

kireigoto dake ja ikirenai
yasashisa dake ja iyasenai

ubawareta no wa nan da
kawaranai sekai de
kikoete kita no wa nan da
shikisai no uta

Everything is bright

kudakechitta yume o asu no hate ni hibikaseru you ni
sekai no owari de umareta hikari bokura hitotsu ni
ima kaze no naka

世界の終りで 生まれた光 今 風の中



Everything is bright

砕け散った夢を 明日の果てに 響かせるように
世界の終りで 生まれた光 僕ら一つに
今 風の中

The light that was born at the world's end is now in the wind

I can't live just by whitewashing
I can't heal just by kindness

What was stolen?
In an unchanging world
What did I hear?
A colorful song

Everything is bright

So to let shattered dreams echo to the edge of tomorrow
Light was born at the world's end; we become one
Now in the wind

"Kireigoto" can be translated as 'beautiful things'

-- by princessorb at 2008-07-29 04:24:28

Official lyrics have been released; 'bright' is correct.

-- by atashi at 2008-07-28 15:37:44

Posting "100% not wild" is not a part of the lyrics.

-- by atashi at 2008-07-13 14:25:32

the part "Everything is wild" should be correct,i don't think it's "Everything is heart..."

-- by starclaw at 2008-07-11 17:28:36

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