Lyrics for Chu-Bura from Bleach by Kelun (Opening #8)

chuubura rin na kimochi o kakaete kyou mo toki wa nagare sugite iku
kimi o mitsumeru tabi komiageru omoi mo umaku tsutaerarenai mama

itsu no ma ni ka wasurete ita namida ga umareru basho o tamotte

saa mabuta o akete sono namida to hikikae ni
tobitatte ikeru sono te ni todoku you ni

omoidashita n da kimi no uta o setsunaku omou kimochi o

onaji DORAMA o nando mo miteru you na sonna kigashiteta zutto
kimi ga waratte kureta shunkan ni atarashii SUTOORII ga hajimatta

chuubura rin na aseta hibi ga iro tsuite iku no ga wakatta n da

saa mabuta o akete kodoku ni surikaeteta
nakushiteta yuuki o kono te ni kakage you
koraeteta namida ima omoidashita kara
kimi no te o nigitte monogatari wa hajimaru

aa ikusen no yoru o koete ima koko ni iru
kizutsuitatte ii sa ima tsutae you
saa mabuta o akete hitori de furuete ita
kimi no te o nigitte omoi o tsutaeru no da

omoidashita n da kimi no uta o setsunaku omou kimochi o
hadaka no mama no kokoro o
ちゅうぶらりんな気持ちを抱えて 今日も時は流れ過ぎていく
君を見つめる度こみ上げる 想いも上手く伝えられないまま

いつの間にか 忘れていた 涙が産まれる場所を辿って

さあまぶたをあけて その涙と引き換えに
飛び立っていける その手に届くように

思い出したんだ 君の唄を 切なく想う気持ちを

同じドラマを何度も観てる ようなそんな気がしてたずっと
君が笑ってくれた瞬間に 新しいストーリーが始まった

ちゅうぶらりんな 褪せた日々が 色付いていくのがわかったんだ

さあ瞼を開けて 孤独にすり替えてた
失くしてた勇気を この手に掲げよう
堪えてた涙 今 思い出したから
君の手を握って 物語は始まる

ああ幾千の夜を 越えて今ここにいる
傷ついたっていいさ 今伝えよう
さあ瞼を開けて 一人で震えていた
君の手を握って 想いを伝えるんだ

思い出したんだ 君の唄を 切なく想う気持ちを
I hold feelings that are suspended in space
Today, time is passing by too much
Every time I stare at you, my heart is filled
with thoughts but I still can't convey them well

Without realizing it, I forgot to follow the place where tears are produced

Now, open your eyes to those tears conversely
Let it fly in order to reach that hand

I remember your song and painfully thought about your feelings

I've watched this drama so many times 
I always felt just like that
The moment you gave me a smile,
a new story began

The faded days, hanging suspended in space; I knew they were filled with color

Now, open your eyes
The lost courage that was secretly replaced with loneliness
Find it and hold it high!
I remember now the tears I was holding back
I'll take your hand and our story will begin

Ah, I passed a thousand nights to arrive here
It's okay to get hurt, say it now!

Now open your eyes; You were shaking alone
and I grabbed your hand in order to tell you my feelings

I remember your song and painfully thought about your feelings
with my naked heart
meh i think there are a few problems
like the tenses don't match up

-- by voxanimus at 2008-07-05 01:57:53

well my was put there when it was only the lyrics to the shortened version. these lyrics from what i can tell with my limited japanese seem perfect.

-- by brolly at 2008-07-05 00:09:03

My apologies for the on-off lyrics, translating the official lyrics is a little tough. Feel free to change the kanji lyrics to fit the 'mediocre' romanji lyrics & vice-versa.

-- by izumo at 2008-07-04 20:03:14

it seems from listening to the song and reading the lyrics at the same time there are some errors. i'd like someone else to do this and see if they here them also.

-- by brolly at 2008-07-04 02:23:45

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