Lyrics for Hikari Sasuhou (Metal Version) from Murder Princess by Back-on (Opening #1)

sameta kao shite itatte hajime kara boku wa wakatte ita kedo
kotoba to wa urahara ni hizundeita
kono omoi wo keshite kure yo

Uh glow in the dark
yami no naka hikaru hitosuji no senkou
sore wa maru de gensou
egaku ensou no shinjitsu no eikou
soko de tsukamitoru seikou

Uh Nobody knows
kotae nante wakaranai
kiri ga nai yureru nounai
I’m lookin’ for the answer
itsu datte sousa So blast out the speaker

owaranai SUTOORII
kowarenai you ni hibike

Rock the beat nerau PIN POINTO
hikari no sasu hou mezashite ikou

HIKARI SASU HOU NI kono koe ga todokanakutemo

Pow Pow Pow
uchikomu My flow like a dangan
noboritsumeru kaidan

itsu datte kimi wa okusoko de sagashiteiru

Uh...Glow in the dark

Uh...Nobody knows
キリがない 揺れる脳内
I’m lookin’ for the answer
いつだってそうさ so blast out the speaker!


Rock the beat 狙う ピンポイント!


打ち込む my flow like a 弾丸

I knew from the start
why you made such a cold face, but
my words were twisted around.
Please erase this feeling.

Uh… glowin’ da dark. A brief ray of light
shines in the darkness.
It’s like an illusion drawn into the image.
But there you’ll succeed
to grab the glory of the truth.

Uh… Nobody knows what the answer is.
It’s incomprensible. Forever swaying in our brains.
I’m lookin’ for the answer.
It’s always that way so blast out da speaka!

It’s an endless story.
Ring it out like it won’t break.

Aim for the rock beat and pin point.
Set your sights on where the light shines.
Even if this voice
doesn’t reach as far as the light shines,

Pow! Pow! Pow!
Drive home my flow like a bullet
and climb to the top of the stairs.
you’ll always be searching

in the depths of your heart.

That's exactly the same version than the original... -_-'

-- by ridal at 2007-11-30 14:05:23

Serious question. How is this any different from the non FK Metal Ver? Someone just renamed a file and reuploaded it.
Actually, the page says it to be 2.5MB, but it comes out to be 4.5 when downloaded.

-- by dounatsu at 2007-11-30 11:27:13

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