Lyrics for Dirty (TV Size) from Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro by Nightmare (Opening #1)

itai hikari me ga kuramu asahi wo neritsubuse kuro ni kaetara
miniku sasae yami ni tokeru darou seisho nante iranai

kono you ga uso da to shinji subete wo azamuite kita
imasara mou modorenai yume mo fuminijiru

eien ni useru zetsubou kimeba
aseta REEL wa kyou mo mawaru
warai mo sezu namida mo misezu
kurikaeshita boku ga utsurutteiru

eien ni kurikaesu zetsubou kimeba
aseta REEL wa kyou mo mawaru
kowareta omocha no you ni
痛い視界 目が眩む朝日を 塗り潰せ黒に変えたら
醜ささえ闇に溶けるだろう 聖書なんて要らない

この世が嘘だと信じ 全てを欺いてきた
今更もう戻れない 夢も踏み躙る

笑いもせず 涙も見せず

The light is painful, my eyes are sore from the morning sun
Even ugliness will dissolve in the darkness if it’s painted black
I don’t need any holy books

(The DIRTY butterfly which influences all)
Outstretched wings

I believe this world is a lie, everything has been deceived
It’s too late to go back now
As my dreams have been trampled on

So then
In the eternally vanishing cinema of despair
The old film reel revolves again today
Without giving laughter or tears, my self is shown on the screen
Since my heart’s emptiness closed up, I’ve been unable to shout out loud
I can’t hear anything in this vast darkness, it’s probably fear of being alone

In the cinema of repetition and despair
The old film reel plays again even today

Like a broken toy

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