Lyrics for Yahoo~ from Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi by Miho Morikawa (Opening #2)

Saa ikou oikaze no unabara
Ho wo agete soratakaku
Kimi to boku wa onaji kokoro wo motteru boukensha
Motto hayaku SUPIIDO zenkai de
Donna nanami de mo notte miseru kara
Kumo wo koete niji wo kugureba
Bokura no sekai sa

Koe agete saa ikou yo
Haru ka naru daichi e to
Kono umi no mukou gawamade
Tsuzuiteru kono michi wo
Susumu dake sa

Hora mimi wo sumaseba wakaru darou
Bokutachi wo yondeiru koe ga
Sora no hate no zutto mukou ni

Doko made mo saa ikou yo
Chizu nante iranai sa
Kono mune wo mitashiteiru
Wakuwaku ga aru kagiri
Owari wa nai



  さあ行こう 追い風の海原
  帆を上げて 空高く

  もっと速く スピード全開で
  雲を越えて虹をくぐれば 僕らの世界さ

  声上げて さあ行こうよ
  遥かなる 大地へと
  この道を 進むだけさ

  ほら 耳を澄ませばわかるだろう
  空の果ての ずっと向こうに

  どんまでも さあ行こうよ
  ワクワクがあるかぎり 終わりはない



Now after the wind let’s go into the ocean
Sail to the height of the sky
You and I have got the same spirit of adventure

Faster speed at full throttle
But as we ride the waves
The clouds over the rainbow, the world should be ours

☆ Yee-ha!
Now let's go up the voice
that’s Far And Away
This is followed by the other side of the sea
This is the only way that we can advance

You will know to listen
To hear a voice call
Far beyond the end of the sky
A new flame ignites

☆ ☆ Yee-ha!
Now lets go to the very place
I do not need a map to reach
Inside I will feel satisfied
As long as this exciting journey does not reach an end
thats why I made the correction too

-- by idol at 2008-01-10 11:14:55

I don't care how it's pronounced, 行く is romanized "iku" not "yuku".

-- by admin at 2008-01-07 12:52:17

Oh yeah and you added mistakes on the new romaji -_-

-- by idol at 2008-01-05 14:46:26

Whoever did the romaji last had no sense of Japanese phrasing and therefore it was very hard to read; I've edited it for clarity, and removed unnecessary chorus repeats. I also corrected some minor romanization errors.

-- by mewarmor990 at 2007-12-20 04:03:35

I posted the full song lyrics

-- by idol at 2007-09-20 20:32:27

romaji version is the TV size, needs to be completed.

-- by admin at 2007-08-29 09:29:52

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