Lyrics for Innocent Blue from School Days by DeviceHigh (Opening #1)

itsu kara ka maiorita watashi no aoi tenshi yo

ki ga tsukeba mitsumete shimau anata no yokogao bakari

AH surechigau hohoemi ni utsumuku shika dekizu ni
Senaka goshi ni koe kaketa no ima wa kokoro no naka de

sore wa yuki no you ni furitsumotta INOSENTO na itami
tatoe toomawari de mo kono omoi wa massugu todoketai

tamerai ni kakusareta sunao na kimochi to yuuki

tozasareta tobira no kagi wa dare mo ga motte iru hazu

AH anata no ashiato o sotto nazotte miru no
negai kaketa suna no hoshikuzu ima wa kobin ni tsumete

sore wa nami no you ni taeru koto naku yosete wa hiku itami
kaze ni kudakechitta namida wa sou setsunasa no kakera ne

sore wa yuki no you ni furitsumotta INOSENTO na itami
yatto mitsukeraresou watashi no koi watashi dake no basho o

itsu no hi ka tobitatte yuke watashi no aoi tenshi yo
いつからか舞い降りた 私の蒼い天使よ・・・

気がつけばみつめてしまう あなたの横顔ばかり

Ah すれ違う微笑みに うつむくしかできずに
背中ごしに声かけたの 今は心の中で

それは雪のように降りつもった イノセントな痛み
たとえ遠まわりでも この想いは まっすぐ届けたい

ためらいに隠された 素直なキモチと勇気

閉ざされた扉の鍵は 誰もが持っているはず

Ah あなたの足跡を そっとなぞってみるの
願いかけた砂の星屑 今は小瓶に詰めて

それは波のように絶えることなく 寄せては引く痛み
風に砕け散った涙は そう せつなさのカケラね

それは雪のように降りつもった イノセントな痛み
やっとみつけられそう 私の恋 私だけの場所を

いつの日か飛びたってゆけ 私の蒼い天使よ・・・
Since when did you land? My blue angel…

If you’d notice, I’m only staring at your face from the side

Ah, able to do nothing but looking down in our passing smiles
I called out over my back just now in my heart

It’s like the snow, the innocent pains fall and accumulate
Even if it’s a roundabout way, I want to send my thoughts straight to you

My honest feelings and courage were hidden in hesitation

Everyone should have the key to the closed door

Ah, I softly try tracing your footsteps
Now I collect the stardust that I wished upon in a small bottle

It’s like the waves, a pain that draws up and pulls away ceaselessly
The tears broken and scattered in the wind, that’s right, are pieces of suffering

It’s like the snow, the innocent pains fall and accumulate
At last, it seems that I’ll be able to find my love, my own place

Take off someday, my blue angel…

Thanks for the scan!
It's formatted now, I guess.. XD

Feel free to correct, if there's any errors. Thanks!

-- by shin at 2010-01-20 02:38:33

lyric scan

Kanji & Romaji need some reformatting. :P

-- by ehmz at 2010-01-20 02:18:23

Changed Romaji alignment to match Kanji lyrics. If you believe the alignment is wrong, feel free to edit it.
And oh... please post the lyrics scan first for proof and so we can fix the Kanji lyrics.

-- by shin at 2010-01-17 06:49:20

.... lol i cant find my dictionaries >.< only thing that i have no idea about might be "sunanochiguzu" which i thought of as "suna no chiguzu" then again, i rekon it sounded a lot like shiguzu... ah i miss my dictionaries. i left it as a whole in case... someone look into it please :P

-- by chilenoloco at 2007-08-28 07:35:02

the japanese language has no spaces.
we put spaces in romaji for convenience sake.
however, there is no universal standard.
some people omit spaces between words and the following particle.
i like to call those people morons.
put spaces before and after all particles.

-- by admin at 2007-08-24 02:43:51

Why is it in the Romaji that some of the words that aren't suppose to be connected, connected? o___o;

-- by frozen__heartx at 2007-07-30 22:06:20

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