Lyrics for Suashi from Sousei no Aquarion OAV by Akino (Ending #1)

anata dake anata dake
mabuta o tojiteiru uchi ni mienaku natta

futsukame mo ame datta
narenai suashi de samayoeba
oreta jumoku ga

tada karamitsuku karamitsuku sore de mo
tada fumishimeru fumishimeru
aoi karasu ga

ichi juu hyaku sen man  kazoete mo negatte mo kiri ga nai
ichi juu hyaku sen man  kizutsuite torawarete kiri ga nai

ichi juu hyaku sen man no kaze ga  fukinuketeku
ichi juu hyaku sen man no kaze ga  kakenukete yuku
yokogiru you ni
anata e no omoi

ano sora e kono sora e
jiyuu ni habataiteku you ni
hito o omoeba
あなただけ あなただけ


ただ絡みつく 絡みつく それでも
ただ踏みしめる 踏みしめる

一、十、百、千、万… 数えても願ってもきりがない
一、十、百、千、万… 傷ついてとらわれてきりがない

一、十、百、千、万の風が… 吹き抜けてく
一、十、百、千、万の夢が… 駆け抜けてゆく

あの空へ この空へ

Only you, only you.
When I closed my eyes, I lost sight of you.

The rain had been falling for two days by then.
As I implusively wandered barefoot,

the trees bowed and interwined.
Nevertheless, I still pressed onward,
and a blue crow passed me by.

Even if I counted by tens, hundreds, or thousands, and prayed, you still weren't at my side.
Even if I thought of you and was hurt ten, one hundred, or one thousand times, you still wouldn't be at my side.

As ten, one hundred, one thousand winds were blowing.
I crossed through a stream of ten, one hundred, one thousand dreams.

In that sky, in this sky,
when I think of you, I feel like I can fly without restraint.
I know your post is from 2008 but if someone wants to finish this, I uploaded a scan with the lyrics on it
It´s sog nr. 7
( I hope someone will transliterate it completly and I hope that I´m allowed to post this )

-- by razorno1 at 2012-01-05 15:35:43

The only version of the kanji I could find online does not seem to match the length of the song. I'll re-listen to this site's 'short' version of the song soon, and edit the length ASAP; but until then, keep in mind that the kanji and romaji's not quite accurate for karaoke and the like. :)

-- by coconut123 at 2008-09-28 18:10:48

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