Lyrics for Uninstall (TV Size) from Bokurano by Chiaki Ishikawa (Opening #1)

Ano toki saikou no riaru ga mukou kara ai ni kita no wa
Bokura no sonzai wa konna ni mo tanjun da to warai kitan da
Mimi wo fusaidemo ryoute wo surinukeru shinjitsu ni madou yo
Hosoi karada no doko ni chikara wo irete tateba ii?

Uninstall uninstall
Kono hoshi no musuu no inochi no
Hitotsu da to ima no boku ni wa rikai dekinai

Uninstall uninstall
Osore wo shiranai senshi no you ni furumau shika nai
あの時 最高の現実(リアル)が  向こうから会いに来たのは
僕らの存在はこんなにも単純だと 笑いに来たんだ
耳を塞いでも 両手をすり抜ける真実に惑うよ
細い身体の 何処に力を入れて立てばいい?

アンインストール アンインストール
この星の無数の塵の一つだと 今の僕には理解出来ない
アンインストール アンインストール
恐れを知らない戦士のように  振る舞うしかない
Back then, the greatest shock to our reality
Was that our lives were primitive and simplistic, it was laughing in our faces.
Even convering my ears, the truth slipped through my fingers and left me confused.
Where in my frail body am I supposed to hold the strength to stand?
Uninstall 2x
Right now, I can't even begin to understand
How the countless soul in this planet are essentially one.
Uninstall 2x
It looks like I'll have no choice but to act as a soldier who knows no fear

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