Lyrics for Disillusion (TV Size) from Fate/Stay Night by Sachi Tainaka (Opening #1)

yume ni mite ita ano hi no kage ni todokanai sakebi
asu no jibun ha nante egaite mo kienai negai ni nureru

kobore ochiru kakera wo tsukamu sono te de
yureru kokoro kakaete tobi konde ike yoru he

dare ka no tame ni ikite kono toki ga subete de ii deshou
misekake no jibun ha sotto sutete tada ari no mama de
夢に見ていた あの日の影に 届かない叫び
明日の自分は なんて描いても 消えない願いに濡れる

こぼれ落ちる欠片を 掴むその手で
揺れる心抱えて 跳び込んでいけ夜へ

誰かの為に生きて この一瞬が全てでいいでしょう
見せかけの自分はそっと捨てて ただ在りのままで
My cry cannot reach the shadows I dreamt of on that day
No matter how I depict myself tomorrow, I am drenched in wishes that cannot disappear

Catch the fallen scattered fragments with those hands
Hold my swaying heart, and leap towards the night

To live for the sake of someone, wouldn’t it be nice if we let this moment count for everything?
Lets gently throw our fake selves away, and just be who we are

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