Lyrics for School Boys from Gakuen Heaven by Yamoto (Opening #1)

asa da kyou wa mabushi sugiru SUNSHINE
ashioto made odoridasu yo saa yukou

kinou made wa yume sae mita DAY TO DAY
nagare dashita kara mou tomaranai ne

choppiri fuan na
kaze ni kumo ni zenbu sayonara BYE BYE
kokkara hajimaru uzuku karada datte
acchi mite mo kocchi muite mo tanoshimi darake

harebare no aoi sora miage aruki iza EVERY EVERY DAY
gangan hazumu mune no naka
egakidashita sou mugen no HAPPY NIGHT
deaihajimeta kono shunkan sorezore no mirai kagayaku SCHOOL BOYS

ohayou minna kyou mo genki GOOD TO SMILE
kyou sou da ne hashiri dasu yo saa yukou

sukoshi mae wa shirazu ni ita HISTORY
katari dashita nara mou kiri ga nai ne

yappari fuan na koi mo yume mo zenbu wasurete GOOD NIGHT
ashita ni nattara tsuyoi kokoro datte
yoko wo mite mo mae wo muite mo egao ga aru sa

barabara no aoi chizu atsume tsunagi iza EVERY EVERY DAY
dondon mieru mune no oku
idakidashita sou dareka to LOVELY TIME
deaeta kiseki ano hi kara sorezore no omoi takanaru SCHOOL BOYS

mayoi nayami shizumi sonna toki mo (wow)
hajimete no kono kimochi wasurezu ni yukou yo

harebare no aoi sora miage aruki iza EVERY EVERY DAY
dandan hazumu mune no naka
egakidashita sou mugen no HAPPY TIME
kyou mo hajimaru kono shunkan sorezore no ima ga kagayaku SCHOOL BOYS

朝だ!今日は 眩しすぎる sunshine
足音まで 踊りだすよ さぁ 行こう

昨日までは 夢さえ観た day today
流れ出したから もう 止まらないね

ちょっぴり不安な 風も 雲も 全部 さよなら バイバイ
ここからはじまる うずく からだ だって
あっちみても こっちむいても 楽しみだらけ

ハレバレの 青い空 見上げ 歩き いざ Heavenly every day
ダンダン弾む 胸の中
描き出した そう 無限の happy time
出逢い始めた この瞬間 それぞれの未来輝く school boys

おはよう! みんな 今日も元気 good smile
競争だね 走り出すよ さぁ 行こう

少し前は 知らずにいた history
語りだしたなら もう きりがないね

やっぱり不安な 恋も 夢も 全部 忘れて グッドナイト
明日になったら 強い 心 だって
横をみても 前をみても 笑顔があるさ

バラバラの 青い地図 集め つなぎ いざ Heavenly every day
ドンドンみえる 胸の奥
抱きだした そう 誰かと lovely time
出逢えたキセキ あの日から それぞれの想い高鳴る school boys

迷い 悩み しずむ そんなときも
はじめてのこのキモチ 忘れずにいこうよ

ハレバレの 青い空 見上げ 歩き いざ Heavenly every day
ダンダン弾む 胸の中
描き出した そう 無限の happy time
きょうも始まる この瞬間 それぞれの今が輝く school boys
It's morning, and today, the sunshine is dazzling.
Even my footsteps are dancing, now let's go!

Today I dreamt about (what has happened) up through yesterday.
Now that it has started flowing, it won't stop.

A bit uneasily... to the wind, to the clouds, I'm saying farewell and to everything bye-bye
It starts now, my body's aching to go, because
no matter which way I look, there's nothing but fun!

I look up at the bright sky and start walking. Let's go! every every day!
Inside my pounding chest,
I've started drawing a boundless happy time.
This moment we've started to meet, the futures of school boys are shining!

Good morning! everybody is cheerful and good to smile today
today's a competition day, now let's go

I don't know if it was a little history
Is it already boundless if i begun to tell it?

After all, just forget all the dreams and the uneasy love, good night
I strengthen my heart for tomorrow
because there is a smile to see on the front and the side

I gather and connect the scattered blue map. Let's go every every day!
The mark on the chest which is seen steadily
that someone whom hold and embrace it lovely time
The moment we met from that day, the school boys think highly!

hesitation and trouble that suppressed in such cases
I will not forget this first feeling as you goes

I look up at the bright sky and start walking. Let's go every every day!
Inside of my pounding chest,
I have started drawing a boundless happy time
This moment we've started today, the school boys are now shining!

English lyric edits

"Fuan" = uneasiness, though this may be from an earlier, incorrect transcription
"Day today" instead of "day-to-day" essentially changed the meaning of a sentence
"Heavenly every day" instead of "every every day"
"Happy time" instead of "happy night"

The early transcriptions of the lyrics, which I think were from a fansub, had lots of mistakes in them ^_^;; Then again, the official lyrics weren't really available at that time.

-- by yamisatoshi at 2007-08-23 13:51:14

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