Lyrics for Kono Namida ga Arukara Tsugi no Ippo to Naru (TV Size) from School Rumble Nigakki by Tokito Ami (Ending #1)

Sore ga hetakuso de
nanka kuyashii kedo
mada akiramenai
bonyari to shiteru yume mo sono uchi ni
kiri ga hareta you ni shite miseru

kono ippo susumu made
tsugi no ippo made
jikkuri yuku kara
mae ni susumu kara
jibun no pace de

kono namida ga aru kara
tsugi no ippo to naru
hakkiri wakaru yo
mae ni susunderu tte
kagayaki no moto e
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That is clumsiness for you
this is kinda painful,
but i cant give up yet,
even if my boneheaded dream is at stake,
and the fog will be lifted from my eyes.

Until the progress of this step.
Until the next step.
I will just continue slowly.
I will just continue forward
at my own pace

because these tears exist,
when the next step occurs,
i just know everything will become clear.
if i just continue forward,
to the origin of this radiance...
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