Lyrics for Reason (TV Size) from xxxHOLiC by Fonogenico (Ending #1)

Konna kimochi wa umarete kite hajimete
Toumei na ringu tsunagatte sou me to me ga atta baby it’s you
Sora no iro made umarekawarihajimeru
Haato no ranpu hikatta hirameki ga doa hiraiteku

Toritsukurou yori mo isso honne ga ii tte
Wadakamari wa angou itsuka tokeru

Konna kimochi wa umarete kite hajimete
Ude wo hippatte mukiatte mou kowagaranaide call a name
Konna watashi mo umarekawareru hazu yo
Koronjattatte naitatte kanjite kita subete ni reason
透明なリングつながってそう目と目が合った baby it’s you


腕を引っ張って向き合ってもう怖がらないで call a name
転んじゃったって泣いたって感じてきたすべてに reason
This feeling is new-born
Connected by invisible rings, yes we fell in love, baby it’s you
Even the colour of the sky is being reborn
The light of my heart turned on, and its door opened in a flash

It’s better to show your true colours than put on an act
Misgivings are a code, you’ll decipher it someday

This feeling is new-born
Face it with your arms outstretched, don’t be afraid, call a name
Even the meaning of words is being reborn
Even when I fall down and cry, I’ve come to feel that everything has a reason
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