Lyrics for Colors of the Heart (TV Size) from Blood+ by UVERworld (Opening #3)

Ano hi boku no kokoro wa oto mo naku kuzure satta
Kowarete sakendemo keshisarenai kioku to
Kurayami ga hitomi no naka e to nagare komu
Mou iro sae mienai ashita e to shizumu

Wakariaeru hi wo tomedo naku sagashita
Ushinau tame dake ni ima wo ikiteku
Mou dame da to hitori kodoku wo daitemo
If you turn on the lights
Hikari e terashiteku

Negaitsuzukeru omoi itsuka irozuku yo to
Oshiete kureta kokoro ni ikitsuzukeru hito
Nanimo ka mo hitsuzen no naka de umareru colors
Mou ichido kono te de asu wo egakeru kara

Hikari no yubisaki de

あの日僕の心は 音もなく崩れ去った
壊れて叫んでも 消し去れない記憶と
暗闇が 瞳の中へと流れ込む
もう色さえ見えない 明日へと沈む

分かり合える日を 止めどなく探した
失うためだけに 今を生きてく
もう駄目だと 一人孤独を抱いても
If you turn on the lights…
光へ 照らしてく

「願い続ける想い いつか色づくよ」と
何もかも 必然の中で生まれる Colors
もう一度この手で 明日を描けるから

That day my heart crumbled without a sound
Though I shout at the destruction, unerasable memories
Flow into my eyes with the darkness
No longer able to see the colors, I sink into tomorrow

I searched unceasingly for the day we'd understand each other
Now I love only to lose
Though I hold tight to my loneliness, thinking I can't go on
If you turn on the lights...
It shines towards the light

"If you keep wishing, it will eventually be change colors"
The person who taught me that lives on in my heart
The colors of everything are born from the inevitable
I'm going to paint tomorrow once more with my own hands

With those fingers of light

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