Lyrics for Pray (TV Size) from Gintama by Tommy Heavenly6 (Opening #1)

let's go out open my mind
let's go sweet dream other side
ima tokihanatsu kago no soto he

sabi tsuita kagi nariyamanu kodou
kidzuiteta mou modorenai

ushinawareta hibi ga (Hey baby why?)
aoku tsunagatteku (I want to cry)
kowagaru jibun ni maketakunai yo
unmei kara nigenai hitori jyanai

soba ni iru tatoe donna ni
kanashii yume datoshitemo kamawanai
kimi no namida ni furetai yo baby
I pray shinjite
tsumetai kioku no yami kirisaite
let's go out! open my mind
let's go! sweet dream other side
今 解き放つ籠の外へ

錆び付いた鍵 鳴り止まぬ鼓動
気づいてた “もう...戻れない”

失われた日々が (Hey baby why?)
蒼く繋がってく (I want to cry…)
運命から逃げない “ひとりじゃない”

そばにいる たとえどんなに
君の涙に触れたいよ… baby
I pray… “信じて”
冷たい記憶の闇 切り裂いて

Let's go out open my mind
Let's go sweet dream other side
Let's break free of the cage that binds us in this time

The rusted key lies in your racing heart
But I know I can never return.

To those lost days (Hey baby why?)
that stick together, pale in my remembrance ( I want to cry...)
I don't want to lose to my cowardice
I cannot run from my destiny, but I am not alone.

I'll be at your side no matter what the cost
I don't care if all our dreams are sad ones
I want to wipe away your tears baby.
I pray that I can believe
that you will cut through the darkness of our memories
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