Lyrics for Wings of Words (TV Size) from Gundam Seed Destiny by Chemistry (Opening #4)

sora wa tobenai kedo tsubasa nara aru no

nagusame nagara fukinshin dakedo
naiteru kao mo kirei de aseru yo

kujikezu yume wo miru koto wa jibun to tatakatteru koto

higoto ni fueru surikizu wo jiman shitemo ii kurai sa

sora wa tobenai kedo tsubasa nara ageyou
sore wa mou hitori janai to
kimi no kodoku hagasu kotoba

donna peshimisuto mo koi wo shite kawaru
eranda michi ga moshi ikidomari nara
soko de mayoeba ii
空は飛べないけど 翼ならあるのさ

慰めながら 不謹慎だけど



空は飛べないけど 翼ならあげよう

どんな悲観論者(ペシミスト)も 恋をして変わる

I Have Wings But Yet I Can Not Fly In My Mind Though I Can Always Soar
I Know I Am Reckless When I Am Trying To Comfort You But When I See You
Crying Your Face Just Looks So Beautiful To Have A Dream That’s Broken From
The Inside Out Is The Same As Getting In A Fight With Yourself I’ve Fought So
Much All That Is Left Are Many Wounds And I Am Proud Of Them No Matter
What The Cause Inside I Keep Longing Just To Soar But I Will Give You Both
My Wings Then They Will Not Say “You Will Always Be Alone” Because You
Will Always Have A Bit Of Me In You Even Pessimist Can Fall In Love If They
Choose To Change Just Like You If The Path That You Are On Ever Seems Like
It Is Ending Please Promise Me You’ll Never Lose Your Way...
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